Time to get the weekend cobwebs out of your muscles with the Exercise Menu Monday Morning Express Workout Routine! This workout routine is designed to give you a total body workout routine in 10-minutes. 

Jump into this workout routine first thing in the morning or during a mid-day break to complete your workout for the day!

Start your week off with that first workout, and chances are that you will stick with your exercise schedule for the week.

Finish your workout, eat ab big breakfast, drink some coffee and enjoy your day;)

Monday Morning Express Workout Routine

Perform each exercise for one minute. Repeat the circuit

Perform for 30 seconds on each side. 

Focus on controlled breathing and posture. You can hold it for the full minute!

Keep your abs tight and focus on your posture.

Do as many as you can in one minute!

Work your back, glutes and hamstring. Make sure you breathe regularly throughout the exercise. 

Don’t forget to repeat the circuit!