Another excellent study published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal further supports the greatness of the Mediterranean diet, olive oil and nuts in improving health.

Metabolic syndrome (high blood pressure, low HDL, high triglycerides and high blood sugar) affects about 25% of Americans today – which is staggering. Think about it. 1 out of 4 people is at a significantly increased risk of developing heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other chronic diseases that can lead to premature morbidity or death. 

But fortunately, this Canadian study suggests that there is a potential, natural cure! And it’s all about what you eat…

The Study

The randomized-controlled trial included over 5,000 participants (64% with metabolic syndrome) at high risk for heart disease (age 55-80) were randomized into three different groups: a Mediterranean diet supplemented with extra-virgin olive oil, a Mediterranean diet supplemented with nuts or a low-fat diet as the control. The participants followed this diet for about  5 years.

The Results

The researchers found that people in the two Mediterranean diet groups decreased their central obesity and blood glucose levels and 958 participants (28.2%) no longer met the criteria of metabolic syndrome.

While the results of this study are encouraging, one issue with the study is that the Mediterranean diet did not prevent new cases of metabolic syndrome during the 5 year study. (This may be due to many different factors – genetics, exercise habits, etc)

Take Home Point

When it comes to health, your diet is one of the most important things to change. For some reason, there is a disconnect between eating foods and realizing that the foods we eat interact with the microscopic cells, tissues and organs in our body. If you eat one bite of bad food, it will have a negative effect one way or another! And of course, the more bad food that you eat, the more negative the effects will be.

The inside of your body is a pristine, God-designed place. Eating bad food is similar to putting black dye in a clear pool of water. The more bad food that you eat, the darker the water becomes. Fortunately, our bodies have ways of filtering out the bad stuff, but it can be overwhelmed. When that happens, the filter fails, and the inside of the body is no longer pristine (AKA diseased). However, this study suggests that if we stop putting “black dye” into our bodies and instead just drink water and eat natural, healthy foods, the filter can catch up and we can restore our bodies to it’s once pristine state.

If you are eating healthy, I hope this study encourages you to continue doing well for yourself. If you can use some improvement, now is the time! And believe me, avoiding serious health problems later makes these changes worth it now.