There is no better workout in the world to prepare you for Carnival season than the Mardi Gras Workout Routine.

If there ever is a time of the year to workout, it’s before Mardi Gras. Spring is around the corner, layers of clothes are coming off and you’ve said “I will only have one piece of King Cake” way too many times! Not to mention you have already probably eaten a season’s worth of crawfish… But who is counting anyway…You also need to make sure that you look good in your ball gown on tuxedo.

Only a few weeks remain to work on your bead throwing (and catching), and today’s Mardi Gras Workout will focus just on that! Hold your arms up with confidence this season, and make sure they are strong enough to rip that beautiful bead away from the person standing next to you… Because, you know that bead was meant for you…

Go ahead an jump into this Mardi Gras Workout and enjoy the rest of Carnival Season without that underlying feeling of guilt. (You know… King Cake… More King Cake… Adult beverages… etc.)

Mardi Gras Workout Routine


Perform as many rounds as you can of these exercises in 20 minutes.

Start your stopwatch – 20 minutes. Go!

50 reps, So you can jump and snatch!

Muscles Worked: Shoulders, triceps, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings.

50 reps on each side. The triceps are your primary throwing muscles, so work these hard.

Muscles Worked: Triceps, rear deltoid, core muscles.

50 reps, use your biceps to catch, and hold those big bags full of throws.

Muscles Worked: Biceps, core muscles.

100 reps, so you can see over the person who just cut in front of you.

Muscles Worked: Calves

50 Push Ups, so you can push them outta the way!

Muscles Worked: Pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

30 total seconds, so your back won’t get tired from standing all day.

Muscles Worked: Glutes, hamstrings, back muscles.

50 reps, so your shoulders and neck won’t get tired from all those beads.

Muscles Worked: Shoulder, trapezius, rhomboids, quadriceps, glutes, lower back.

REPEAT this circuit as many times as you can!

Nice work in completing this Mardi Gras Challenge Workout Routine! Post your time below to track your time on Facebook and encourage others!

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