A shower is a hygienic ritual that we all (hopefully) perform once, sometimes twice per day. A good shower will wake us up in the morning, or calm us for a nice evening of rest and sleep. And, there is nothing like a good warm shower or bath when it is cold outside. The availability of a good shower is really a blessing when you think about it.

You take a shower to get clean, so why don’t you make sure you are nice and dirty!

One of the major obstacles that we all face is the ability to exercise secondary to time constraints. With Exercise Menu Workouts, you can perform a home workout that will provide reliable results when performed regularly. In most cases, the workout can be performed in as little as 15 or 20 minutes. You may also consider going for a 20 minute walk, run or bike.  So, instead of trying to figure out which time of the day is best for you to workout, just do it before your daily shower!

If you shower in the morning, set your alarm a few minutes earlier to get in a quick workout before your hectic day begins. For many, exercising in the morning helps them wake up faster and think about the tasks of the day. Choose a workout, knock it out, take your shower and go about your day.

For evening shower…ers, get in a quick workout after dinner while your favorite reality show or sitcom is on. Go for a run as the sun sets and relieve the stress for the day. The best part about it, is that you get to take a nice relaxing shower after your challenging workout. Just think how you will feel when you finish your shower. You will undoubtedly feel less stressed, healthier and clean!

Remove obstacles for scheduling exercise and make it a habit to sweat and get nice and dirty before your shower. Think of it as your inner physical refresh.