The vast majority of muscles in your body are located in your legs. Not only will a leg workout routine tone your legs, it will also build muscle to help support your joints and burn fat. This particular leg workout will be performed in a circuit-style format so it will also help to improve your overall endurance.

A leg workout that targets your thighs, or quadriceps is particularly important to preserve or improve knee health. When you strengthen your thigh muscles, they essentially offer your knee joint better support, which prevents excessive wear and tear of the cartilage in your knee. A leg workout should always include exercises that strengthen your thighs.

A leg workout should also strengthen your hamstrings, or the muscles in the back of your thighs. These muscles are used many times during the day, particularly when walking and lifting.

Finally, a leg workout should target muscles in your lower legs, such as your calf muscles and anterior leg muscles. Your calf muscles are the strongest muscles in your body and support your entire weight anytime you stand. The anterior leg muscles are responsible from bringing your foot and toes upward. If these muscles are weak, you may get shin splints when running. Therefore, a good leg workout should also target these muscles. 

Your legs are obviously important for good function. Keep your leg muscles strong with a leg workout to stay pain free!

Leg Workout for Toned Legs


Perform each exercise for one minute. Rest for 30 seconds, and then perform the next exercise.

Warm up your legs and squeeze in some upper body and ab work!

One of the best leg workouts to work most of the muscles in your legs. 

Targeting some attention to your lower legs.

A good leg workout to improve the strength of your legs and knees. 

Finish up with a glutes/hamstring exercise to complete your leg workout. 

Repeat again for a 10-minute workout. OR repeat 3 more times for a 20-minute workout!