Ladies… Gentlemen… Kids… Even animals… This is the year.

The planets are in the proper alignment. The momentum has shifted. “Horizontal gravity” has altered its physics from pushing fat into our bodies to pulling fat and unhealthy junk out of and away from it. The old ways are done, dead and gone.

The detrimental effects of being overweight were a novel science a few decades ago. In fact, if you were a normal weight, people would say “you look unhealthy!” Now we all fully understand that being overweight is one of the best ways to contract a chronic disease and die before your time. 


2014 is the year for us to get over ourselves. The year for us to conquer our weaknesses for eating simple carbohydrates, drinking sodas and eating large plates of food. 2014 is the year that we make a habit of exercising almost every day no matter what. This year, we sweat. We breathe hard. We learn and master new workouts and even become experts to the point that we can help others. In 2014, we are going to do whatever it takes to be fully present and conscious of our daily lifestyle decisions so that we collectively become better, healthier people.

You deserve it.

To help us all stay on track, consider this 2014 Twitter challenge!

This year, I challenge you all to tweet to the hash tag #LEANIN2014 any time you make a conscious health decision or complete a workout routine. Research shows that losing weight and developing healthy habits as a group is more effective than taking on the task alone. Tweeting your healthy decisions helps you to stay present in while making choices, provides good personal feedback and encourages others who are battling parallel obstacles. Regular tweeting will also keep you on track throughout the year so you will not lose momentum before the winter is done.

This is the year. (It even rhymes with “lean!”) So, let’s get it done.