Everyday we are bombarded with decisions to make. What time should I get up? Should I get up now or snooze? What’s for breakfast? Should I leave early… or late? What should I wear? It’s really non-stop!

At the same time, information is thrown at us everyday about what choices we should make. You should sleep only this long. You should sit a certain way. You should, or shouldn’t take a multivitamin. You should drink so much water per day. You should exercise this much or this way. In fact, people like me spend a lot of time researching what we should and shouldn’t do.

choiceWhen it comes down to it. The choice is yours, and only yours to make. This can be difficult because we are told so many different things by so many “experts.” Decision making can indeed be frustrating! But you have to first, seek out the most accurate and reliable sources, loosely put together the loads of advice you get everyday, and make your decision. Do not feel that all decisions are permanent. This week you may decide to exercise 5 days, next week only 2. Heck, “new research” may say you only need one day of exercise per month! I seriously doubt it, but again, that would be a lesson in looking at the whole picture.

One decision I urge you to make, is to be “healthy.” Define what that means for you and your situation. You may not be able to be your ideal weight, or eat 5 servings of fruits and veggies, or walk 10,000 steps a day. But, you should make decisions on a regular basis to move towards these goals. For example, this next month, the “healthy you” is 20 lbs. overweight, eats on average 3 servings of fruits and vegetables and averages 6,000 steps per day. Next month, the “healthy you” is 15 lbs. overweight, eats 3, often 4 servings of fruits and vegetables and averages 7500 steps per day.

You do not have to feel that choosing to be healthy is an all or none decision. That will only set you up for failure! It’s a gradual change that requires a lifetime of well intended choices. Even once you are your ideal weight and eat and exercise as you should, you have to choose daily to continue those habits.

I hope this advice is encouraging, and I wish you the best in your decision making today!