While many of the exercises and workouts on ExerciseMenu.com involve movement and some impact, it is important to have available an isometric workout routine. An isometric workout routine is a no movement, no impact workout. Isometric workouts should be performed when movement is difficult or limited. Further, isometric workouts generally do not increase muscle mass, but can help to maintain it. Here are a few examples in which an isometric workout routine would be beneficial:

Be sure to always check with your doctor first! Isometric exercise can raise your blood pressure, but similar to other forms of exercise. 

An isometric workout routine is also easy to perform at work or where you have limited space.

Although you aren’t moving, your muscles are still working to help you hold these positions. Therefore, you will feel the effects of normal exercise. This includes an elevated heart rate, breathing rate, muscle burn and sweat. You will be surprised how much this isometric workout routine will make you work!

Isometric Workout Routine


Hold each position as long as you possibly can. Take a 30 second rest and repeat the exercise two more times!
DO NOT HOLD YOUR BREATH!!! Breathe naturally the entire time!


Listen to some good music or meditate while you perform this isometric workout routine!

This exercise is similar to the Push Up, but you hold the position as long as you can. You may also perform the Modified version as seen in the second video.


Go as low as you feel comfortable. Make sure your knee does not protrude in front of your toes.

Great for abs and core strength. 

Similar to Triceps Dips, but hold the position with your elbows bent. 

For a healthy, strong back!