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Master the FAST PACE Workout Routine.

Today, we are going to focus on building the foundation for developing a healthy habit of regular cardiovascular exercise.

I’m going to be honest with you. For much of my life, cardiovascular exercise always took a back seat to resistance training. I’m not sure if it’s because I liked lifting weight more than aerobics, or maybe because you can see muscular results with resistance training, while the main muscle that develops with cardiovascular exercise is deep in the chest. I don’t know… But what I will say is that they are both equal to me at this point in my life.


First, I actually did learn a few things as a physician that stuck in my head over the years. When you learn how the body works and you witness the terrible disease that occurs when cardiovascular exercise is neglected, you change your views. It’s definitely a generalization, but overall, patients who exercised didn’t have a past medical history of heart disease, diabetes, high cholesterol or cancer. On the other hand, those who didn’t exercise commonly did have disease. The correlation between disease and the lack of exercise is way too strong from me to ignore. Hopefully, sharing this point with you will help your conscience motivate you.

Second, I know I’m young, but I’m getting old. As you age, your metabolism slows down. When I skip a few cardiovascular workouts and eat a few plates of food that I know I shouldn’t, I gain weight! I’m still trying to come to terms with this fact, because I didn’t have this problem 10 years ago. In addition, I just feel different. I feel heavy, tired, irritated and slow. So, basically, there are two alarms going on in my body that remind me that I need to sweat today — weight gain and an overall down feeling.

Once I do start exercising, I feel great again…

So, today, we are going to start you down the path of not only feeling good, but also freshening up your body’s systems in the most efficient manner possible (developed by yours truly) — the Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout Routine.

The Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout Routine

The Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout routine is designed to allow you to reap the maximum benefits of your cardiovascular workout in the minimal amount of time. First, we must define the meaning of a cardiovascular workout.

A cardiovascular workout (cardio) includes walking, running, biking and other exercises that cause your heart rate to increase. In addition, an effective cardio workout routine will cause you to breathe hard or fast, which helps to strengthen your heart and lungs.

The purpose of the Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout is to exercise as hard as you can for a 20 minute duration.

Why? Simply because walking or running faster will burn more calories than exercising at a slow or leisurely pace.

Hence, I introduce to you the theory of HIT, or high-intensity training. The researched-backed concept states that it is better to workout hard for a few minutes over working out at a moderate pace for a longer time period. Basically, give it all you can for a few minutes and you will benefit more! Now, let’s learn how to translate this theory into regular exercise practice with the Exercise Menu FAST PACE Workout Routine.

FAST PACE 20 Minute Workout Routine

Step 1: Pick your exercise. (Running, walking, biking, skating, etc.).

Step 2: Mark your starting point. (Home, point on a track, etc.).

Step 3: Advance for 10 minutes in one direction at the fastest, most comfortable pace that you can.

Step 4: Mark your halfway point, or the distance on the treadmill/elliptical/exercise bike.

Step 5: If exercising outside, get back to your starting point in 10 minutes!

If on a treadmill/elliptical or bike, achieve the same distance or total steps in 10 minutes!


It’s that simple and much more effective than just walking or jogging for 45 minutes…

Once you are finished, cool down for a few minutes and you are done!

I hope you enjoyed this cardiovascular workout routine and will make it a part of your exercise arsenal. We will surely revisit this workout routine later.

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