No equipment is needed!
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  • Understand the pyramid workout routine technique.
Understand the pyramid workout routine technique.

Introducing the Pyramid Workout Routine

As you may know by now, I am all about efficiency when it comes to working out. Considering that the biggest obstacle to working out regularly is time, it is important to continue to learn techniques that allow you maximal physical benefit in the least amount of time… This is where the pyramid workout routine can be helpful.

Like sprinting, I am also fond of pyramid workout routines because this method is also based on HIT (high-intensity training). In addition, the pyramid workout routine is about as simple of a workout routine that you can design…. And still benefit.

How to Perform the Pyramid Workout Routine

For today’s pyramid workout routine, we are going to target most of the muscles in your body.

As the video explained, perform 10 repetitions of each, then 9, then 8, etc — all the way to 1. Once you finish 1 of each, perform 11 of each in your last set.

Here are the big three:

1. (Modified) Push Ups

Push ups are rightfully one of the best classic exercises to work most of the muscles in your upper body. Gotta love ’em!

This exercise works your pectorals, triceps, biceps, shoulders.

2. Pilates Crunch

Want serious abs? Do these slow, avoid holding your breath and feel those abs tighten. Make sure you keep your feet on the ground the entire time. If the Pilates Crunch is too difficult, you should straighten your legs a bit more to make it easier.

This exercise works your abdominal muscles, back muscles.

3. Lunges

A change in technique from the traditional lunge. I hope you like these. This exercise is also great for balance and coordination, which we all tend to lose as we age unless we continue to exercise in a way to improve it.

Instead of returning to the starting position, bring your other foot even with the one that just completed the lunge.

This exercise works your lower extremity, focus on quadriceps.


You should feel really good after today’s workout. Oh, by the way, look at the time and see how quickly you finished this workout routine! (If not, you will get better!) Even better, you didn’t need any equipment, so this pyramid workout routine can be done anywhere… Anytime… No excuses.

Good work today! See you tomorrow!