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Intensify your sprint pace.

Intensifying Your Sprint Training Workout Routine

The last time we performed a strictly sprint training workout routine, we focused primarily on technique. Today, as your trainer, I want to emphasize the importance of intensity during your sprint.

After proper technique, the most important aspect of a good workout routine is one that is intense. For most, it is fairly concrete in many minds that “walking and jogging for 30-45 minutes is the best way to burn fat and improve your cardiovascular endurance.”


Yes, a moderate pace of exercise does burn calories and keep your heart healthy. However, there are a few problems with this type of training:

  • It can be monotonous, or boring to run at the same pace for a long period of time. I have nothing against runners who enjoy running like this. But, moderate paced, long-term running is not the best, most efficient way to improve your body’s profile.
  • Increased risk of injury. While the impact per step during sprint training is higher than the impact per step with jogging, the higher volume of jogging poses more of a risk for injury than sheer smaller volume of running involved in sprint training. If you warm up properly and don’t push your sprint speed too hard too soon, it can be quite difficult to injure yourself with sprint training.
  • Science supports sprint training for better results! You simply can’t argue with the research…

Sprint training will improve your cardiovascular profile and burn more calories than traditional running or jogging

I hope I am making my point…

Take away this: No matter who you are, young, old, man, woman, lightweight, overweight, slow or fast – a few sprints going as fast as you can, is better than moderate-paced jogging.

Let’s move on to today’s plans!

Today’s Sprint Workout Routine

Here is your program:

  • 4 minute jog
  • 2 one minute runs at a faster pace than a jog
  • 10 forty yard sprints (take 40 big steps to estimate your distance if you need to). 30 second rest between sprints. 
  • 2 minute cool down jog

Remember to continually focus your attention on your running technique and speed. For each sprint, act as if you are running from your biggest fear — say a bear that is trying to eat you.  It will probably feel awkward at first, but just like anything else, you adjust and it becomes natural.

You will feel great after this workout!