Ten thousand steps per day and suddenly your scale will countdown pounds like seconds to the New Year. You will begin bagging old clothes that are too big for you to wear, and those love handles will turn into sexy abs! If you are already committed to a scheduled cardiovascular program, you have already noticed these positive changes, not to mention the endless benefits for your blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol, etc. But, sometimes the heat of summer can make exercising a bit more difficult, especially for the elderly. Be creative, don’t let another excuse prevail, and perform indoor cardio workout routines to continue improving your health.

Indoor Cardio Ideas

Walk in a mall for indoor cardio. Slap your pedometer on your belt, strap up your walking shoes and exercise in the mall! The mall is actually one of the best places to walk. The building is air conditioned, typically has lots of walking space and some malls have stairs that you can include in your workouts. Even better, when you are finished, you can reward yourself with a new slim outfit! Word of advice- maybe bypass the food court…

Walk or jog in place at home. On days when the heat index is pushing 100 degrees plus, for indoor cardio you may try walking indoors to get your 10,000 steps. Plug in your iPod to your home speakers, turn up the volume and walk or jog in place until you reach your goal. If you have children or pets, include them in your workout. You may also consider trying a home walking video to keep you from getting bored. The best I have seen have been by Leslie Sansone. Check out her home workouts at lesliesansonevideos.com. Also view this Exercise Menu Exercise Video to make sure that you are using proper Jog in Place technique.

Purchase an exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical. Make an investment into your health and purchase home exercise equipment for you to use on days that exercising outside is not an option. Everyone should have a bike, treadmill or elliptical in the house, or at least access to one at the local gym. Even if you do have a set indoor cardio program, changing up your routine will help you burn fat faster because you body has to adjust to the new exercise. Further, these machines can track distance traveled, minutes of exercise and total calories burned. I recommend this one that you can purchase here!

Perform an Exercise Menu Circuit Workout. Circuit workouts are the best way to burn calories, increase your cardiovascular fitness and build muscle all at the same time. Even better, a circuit workout is an indoor cardio workout routine that can be completed in 20 minutes, and your pedometer will register most of the movements associated with the exercises included in a circuit workout. Further, you can perform these workouts at your own pace, and increase your intensity as your fitness improves. You can’t beat these…

Stay safe this summer with indoor cardio workouts. And remember, if you choose to workout outdoors, exercise early in the morning, later in the evenings and stay well hydrated.