Learning the most important back exercises for a strong, healthy back will change your life because few things are worse than an achy back… Sleeping is tough, activity is impossible, and it is hard to continue enjoying the things you used to.

Your spine is the central structure that supports most of your body weight from your waist up. In addition, many pelvic and leg muscles are anchored to your spine to allow for lower body movement. Because of these tremendous forces, your vertebra, or back bones, are subject to wear and tear, which results in arthritis and disc damage. Fortunately, your abdominal and back muscles can help balance these forces to prevent damage to the bones in your back. However, many of us neglect exercising our back and core muscles. Personally, ab and back exercises just aren’t as fun for me as arm and leg exercises. But I do them, because I hate the dull, achy reminders my back leaves me when it wants attention.

When it comes to back pain, you must know the cause before targeting back exercises to improve its health. It is absolutely worth seeing a doctor if you have unbearable back pain, especially if your back pain is associated with leg weakness or radiates into your buttocks, thighs or legs. Further, if you have a diagnosed back problem, you should follow your physician’s recommendations, and continue performing exercises you learned in physical therapy.

For most simple cases of back pain, there are important back exercises you can perform to strengthen your core muscles. Performing these exercises for a strong, healthy back regularly will not only help improve your pain, it will also prevent further wear and tear on your spine.

Check out these simple back exercises you can incorporate into your workouts to help improve your back health. Perform three to five holds of each back exercise, on most days, to improve your back health.

Important Back Exercises

1. Superman– Amongst the community of fitness professionals, the Superman is one of the most important back exercises. This back exercise works every muscles on your back side from your neck to your feet. For starters, hold this exercise for 5 to 10 seconds at a time, three to five times. Increase your hold times as your strength improves. Your optimal goal should be to hold the Superman for three, 1 minute holds.

2. Ab Planks– Ab planks are my second favorite back exercise for core strength. Ab Planks are challenging, but are great in working your abdominal and back muscles that are integral in supporting spine health. Further, you work your arms and chest muscles as you hold your plank position. Start with a 5 to 10 second hold, and gradually increase as your strength improves. Your goal should be to hold the Ab Plank for three, 1 minute holds.

3. Pilates Crunch 45 Degree Hold– Similar to the Superman and Ab Planks, the Pilates Crunch is a back exercise that requires you to hold a position. When you think about it, your core muscles hold you up throughout the day; therefore, training your core muscles with similar holding, or isometric, exercises will strengthen your back in the most effective way. Hold the Pilates Crunch for 5 to 10 seconds, and then advance as you improve. Your goal should be to hold the Pilates Crunch for three, 1 minute holds.

Take a few minutes out of your day to perform these back exercises. If you don’t, your back will remind you 🙂

What back exercises do you perform for core strength? Share your thoughts below!