The One Leg Calf Raise is an exercise you should be familiar with at this point in your advanced-level training. To perform this exercise you will need a wall or stair.

Hold the wall or stair rail to help you maintain your balance.

Take the foot that you’re not exercising and place it behind the knee of the leg that you are exercising.


With the foot that you are exercising, stand up on your toes so that your heel comes off the ground. Slowly return your heel back to the starting position.

To make this an advanced-level exercise, hold a dumbbell in the hand that is not supporting your balance.

I would suggest starting with a 5 to 10 pound dumbbell, but you should hold a weight that permits you to perform no more than 20 to 25 calf raises.

Make sure your calf muscles are warm by performing a warm up set of One Leg Calf Raises without dumbbells to prevent an injury to your Achilles tendon.