According to the Nielson Co.’s “Three Screen Report,” Americans watch more than five hours of television per day. On average 40 – 50% of each hour of programming is composed of commercials. In other words, 2 to 2.5 hours of your evening are wasted watching advertisements. Bummer… But, I encourage you to use this time to your advantage and learn how to be healthy and fit while watching television! Spend 20 to 30 minutes of this precious time to get off the couch and tune up your body. This way, you won’t miss your favorite programs, you won’t fill your schedule up with exercise time and working out won’t be as monotonous. Exercise Menu has many convenient 20 Minute Workout Routines that can be performed while you are watching TV!

How to Be Healthy and Fit Watching TV

  1. Change into comfortable exercise clothes as soon as you get home. Once you sit down on the couch, you’re done!
  2. Grab a bottle of water or low-calorie Gatorade and bring it with you into your living room. Sip on water throughout your workout to prevent dehydration.
  3. Choose one “one hour” television program and commit to performing exercises during the commercials. That way, you will achieve 30 minutes of exercise for the day.
  4. Turn up the music during the commercials! Fast-paced music will motivate you through your workout set. If you are watching sports, listen to the music and continue working out during the game. Most commentators are pretty bad anyway…
  5. Get your family involved. Compete against each other. For example, see who can do the most sit ups, or push ups.
  6. Grab a quick snack after you finish your workout set. Your muscle need replinishment of glycogen and protein. Check out this article on optimizing your post exercise recovery.
  7. Then, fully enjoy watching more TV, or doing whatever else you need to do for the evening without feeling that guilt of not working out for the day.
  8. Finally, make your shower worth it (check out this article!)


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