Everyday you fight millions of years of evolution… One small mistake can set you back significantly.

The whole point of life to the physical body is to conserve energy because historically, your body never knows when the next meal will come. Therefore, every meal that you eat, your body wants to hold on to those calories and nutrients that sustain you. It’s kinda selfish in that respect.

However, the problem isn’t with your physical design. The problem, in fact, lies in today’s terrible fitness and diet culture — move less, eat more.

But that is not you!

You are different. You have been fairly consistent. You caught on to the high intensity training ideal, so you save tremendous time in your workouts. Reduced portion sizes are the norm. So much so, that you can’t eat as much food as you used to if you tried. Even better, you have virtually eliminated soda and white rice from your diet. Old pants don’t fit anymore and you have more energy than you ever thought possible.

And then, temptation comes.

I could be a family gathering, a party or a night out with your significant other and you want to let loose. You deserved it right? Well, a single food binge followed by “recovery” hibernation the next day can really set you back. Learn how to beat temptation so you don’t loose much of your hard earned progress:

  1. Focus on portions. It’s cool to enjoy good, tasty, albeit high-calorie foods every now and then. You should not feel guilty about eating pizza, fried chicken or your favorite dessert if it is eaten in moderation. You shouldn’t necessarily think of eating your favorite high-calorie food as a reward per se, but think of it as having a well-rounded diet plan. Life is to enjoy! So when those special occasions arise that may involve an unhealthy food here and there, enjoy it. Eat what you want. However, the key to avoiding a major set back is to eat a smaller portion! Instead of the three pieces of pizza that you used to eat, eat only one or two. Instead of eating the whole slice of cheesecake, eat only half and save the rest for another time. Control your portion size in these situations and tomorrow you won’t have any regrets.
  2. Set an example. Use this opportunity to teach others how you can still eat your favorite foods if you reduce your portion size. You are already setting an excellent example, so why not help your friend of family member enjoy the same success that you have achieved. Also, take this opportunity to teach them what you eat on a regular basis, such as brown rice, pastas and breads, fish, poultry and fruits and vegetables. You never know, one talk may save someone’s life.
  3. Plan to workout the day after. Plan to get in a good workout routine the next day. It will kill any guilt that you may have while burning any additional calories that you ate. It will also remind your body that it needs to raise its metabolism, or baseline calorie burn point, to keep up with your active lifestyle.

Keep these tips in mind next time you are challenge with an opportunity to overeat or binge. It’s just not worth losing a portion of your progress. Still enjoy your outing, but do so in a disciplined manner.



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