Life is nothing more than a fertile soil full of opportunities. These opportunities, whether challenging or rewarding, are meant to nourish our growth.

In a day, there are 48, 30-minute increments, in which only one of them needs to be used for exercise and personal growth. The other 47 can be used for time with your family, sleep, work, etc. But one of the 30-minute time slots of your day needs to be devoted to some sort of physical activity. 

It’s amazing how much we allow ourselves to miss life. We are either too tired, too busy, or too mentally distracted to pull strength and nourishment from the good things in life. Indeed, it is a challenge. But we must learn to redirect our attention to the most important priorities, our physical and spiritual health.

Giving Up

Many of us; however, do a great job of cultivating our crops… From time to time. For a full week, or maybe even a full month, we get up 30 minutes earlier than usual to complete our workout routine. Others may commit to going to the gym, or set aside time at home to complete a 30-minute workout routine. 

But you know the rest of the story. We lose the drive, the fire to make healthy changes in our life. We become complacent, either too bored, too hard on ourselves or change our priorities for the worse. These challenges are inevitable and we must learn to get past these obstacless and avoid giving up.

How to Avoid Giving Up on Exercise

  1. Pray. In order to seriously make a long-term commitment to developing and continuing healthy habits, you have to learn how to connect you spiritual self to your physical self. Even Plato noted thousands of years ago the importance of this connection in creating successful lifestyle changes.  When you exercise, you must also learn how to shut down mental chatter and get into the presence of your workout routine. If you learn to do this, your spiritual self will be your constant motivator when your body isn’t feeling light enough for a workout routine.
  2. Be patient. You have to be patient in your investment. There are very few investments that pay off great dividends without a significant time investment. You see this with money, school, careers, new businesses and even relationships. It’s like planting a seed and expecting a crop the next day! Our natural inclination is to give up on the seed and ditch the soil if the results don’t happen as soon as we expect them to, and this is a tragedy. If we are patient and continue to grow better in health, the benefits will come.
  3. Make exercise “your thing.” Everybody does something that is unique to them. For example, you may like some particular band that few have heard of, but for some reason, they sing the tune that you enjoy. It almost feels as if this band was put together just for your enjoyment! Similarly, find an exercise or a workout routine that you enjoy that also helps to define you. Personally, I love to sprint. With every sprint, I am amazed at the complex biomechanics involved that allow me to run fast. Sprinting has become “my thing.” My family knows it, my friends know it, and now you! 🙂 Find what works for you and make it yours.
  4. See the future. Where will you be 6 months from now? A year? How about this… Where were you 6 months or a year ago? If you look back, time seems to have gone by fast, but if you look forward, things may seem like they will take forever! Learn to see the future from the perspective that it will be here before you know it as long as you put your focus into what’s going on right now. The future will come and great positive change will come along with it as long as you build your foundation… Now! Don’t have any regrets.
  5. Don’t be a quitter. Finally, you just don’t want to be a quitter. Not on this, at least. Your health and well being is all too important. In fact, without being healthy, there is nothing else! Sure, you can quit your job or break an unhealthy relationship. But quitting on yourself and your health will only lead to unwanted outcomes. Besides, being a quitter just isn’t cool!

Keep Your Fire Burning

All in all, it takes effort and there is no way around it. Accept that improving your health and becoming a better person will take as much work as anything else in life that is worthwhile. If you want health, keep working towards it. A healthy body and spirit are the greatest rewards that life has to offer.

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