I do not want to be overly dramatic, but I seriously doubt that there is a better cardiovascular workout routine that performing a high intensity interval training (HIIT) workout routine on a heavy bag. First, a heavy bag workout routine in itself is a challenging cardiovascular workout, which primarily will increase both your aerobic and anaerobic endurance. Now that there is surging interest in HIIT workouts, this type of training will surely be more prevalent in gyms.

Combining HIIT with a boxing workout will take your cardiovascular training to the next level for two reasons:

  1. Upper extremity endurance training tasks your body’s endurance systems more than lower extremity training, such as running.
  2. Adding HIIT to a typical heavy bag workout routine will exponentially increase your potential for improving your aerobic and anaerobic systems. In addition, it will substantially accelerate fat oxidation (fat burn).

HIIT Heavy Bag Workout Routine

Time: 23 total minutes

The workout is very simple. For this HIIT heavy bag workout routine, we will use 8:12 intervals, meaning that you will punch for 8 seconds and rest for 12 seconds.  When you are punching, punch as fast as you can so you can perform as many punches as possible in the 8 second period. Punches do not need to be hard.

Each round will be 3 minutes. There is no rest between rounds.

Warm up with light punches for a 2 minute round. 

Round 1: Left Jab

Round 2: Right Jab

Round 3: :Left Straight

Round 4: Right Straight

Round 5: Left Hook

Round 6: Right Hook

Round 7: Freestyle

Do this workout 2-3 times a week, intermixed with other HIIT workouts, and you will see tremendous improvement in endurance gains and weight loss.

It’s simple science…