If you are really serious about burning fat and getting lean… I mean REALLY serious, this is the kind of workout that you need to perform. The High-Intensity Interval 500 Rep Workout is like a gumbo of exercise goodness! This workout routine combines many principles of burning fat and building muscle that are research supported. You burn fat because of the high-intensity interval design of the workout and build muscle because of the number of total reps, or repetitions that you will perform.

The idea is that you perform the repetitions as fast as you can, performing 100 total repetitions of each exercise. You get one second of rest for every repetition that you perform. So, if you perform 20 reps of, say biceps curls, then you can count to 20 to get 20 seconds of rest for recovery (and reward)! This set up also makes the workout more interesting and engaging. I think you will like this set up! If you do the math, this workout should take no more than 20 minutes.

Here are your exercise sets:

High-Intensity Interval 500 Rep Workout

Perform 100 repetitions of each exercise. Try to perform as many reps as you can at once. For every rep you complete, you earn one second of rest.
Right foot, left foot count as one. The Mountain Climber exercise is a great warm up for the rest to come!
Push Ups = Upper body strength and tone… Period.
Get Explosive! Jump as high as you safely can with this exercise!
Abs… Need I say more?
Top off this workout with a final upper body multi-joint exercise to build strength and burn more calories!