I’m quickly learning how much cooking is an art. Not only an art in making sure that you food looks and taste great, but an art in making sure that what you cook is as healthy as it can be!

The Healthy Slant of this pasta is to use fresh ingredients to create your pesto and to substitute whole wheat pasta for white pasta. I assure you that these two changes are surely upgrades.

This Antioxidant-Packed Shrimp Pesto Pasta hits the mark. This pasta dish is packed with many of the top antioxidant-rich “superfoods” combined with a healthy seafood, and whole wheat pasta. For me the most exciting part of preparing this dish is learning how to make a pesto. The art here is making sure that you have the right balance of ingredients so your pesto is both rich in flavor and smooth in consistency.

Finally, this dish is pretty cheap to prepare, and will last me a good 4-5 days! Enjoy!

Healthy Shrimp Pasta Recipe

Grocery List for 8 Servings:

Grocery List

  • Whole Wheat Bowtie Pasta – $6 (2 boxes)
  • Kale (1 Bushel) – $2
  • Garlic Cloves (2) – $1.50
  • Olive Oil – (4 Tablespoons) $1 worth (should be in your pantry!)
  • Sun-dried Tomato (1/2 jar) – $3
  • Parmesan Cheese – $3
  • Deveined Shrimp (1 pound) – $7
  • Flaxseed – $2

Seasonings List:

  • Black Pepper or Old Bay Seasoning – 1 Tablespoon
  • You will also need a food processor
  1. Boil your pasta as directed. Set aside when done.
  2. Chop your kale and place in a food processor.
  3. Prepare your garlic and place in the food processor
  4. Put sun-dried tomatoes into the food processor.
  5. Pour 4 tablespoons of olive oil into the food processor.
  6. Place flaxseed into the food processor.
  7. Process ingredients until your pesto has a smooth consistency.
  8. Cook your shrimp over medium-high heat in a skillet lined with a light coat of olive oil.
  9. Season shrimp with black pepper or Old Bay seasoning.
  10. Place cooked pasta on top of cooked shrimp. Mix in pesto.

This is a dish that was made for healthy humans to consume! Taste the freshness of this pasta and you will never turn back!