Tim Ferris, a young 29 year-old author, is becoming a more popular blogger and writer each day after releasing a successful New York Times #1 seller the 4-Hour Work Body. His blog contains information from how to lose weight to tips on how to get rick, dance or improve certain areas of your lifestyle. If you are looking for an answer to a “life” question, this blog may be one to add to your repertoire.

The blog layout is appropriate with a picture of Tim Ferris at the top of the Home Page and the recent posts with excerpts on as you drag down the page. What I haven’t seen in other blogs, which is a good idea, is a video introduction that promotes his new book. The column layout is also user-friendly displaying the most popular posts, topics and photos of Tim.The black background surely helps the articles and pictures stand out.

Overall, the blog does it’s share of promotion of Tim’s books, but also does an excellent job in providing the everyday blog reader with useful information to improve his or her lifestyle.