If someone else tells you one more time you need to exercise, your first workout may be chasing them down! We are all aware of the benefits of “exercising,” but resistance training, in particular, the 500 rep workout reaps many health benefits. The 500 rep workout is designed to let you choose five exercises that target certain muscle groups that you want to work for that particular day. You perform 100 reps of each exercise at your own pace, with the amount of weight you choose to use. A faster pace, or heavier weight will benefit you more than a slower pace or lighter weight, but of course, you can progress.

Many studies have proven the benefits of cardiovascular exercise on your heart and lung function, but what about resistance training involved in the 500 rep workout? Sure it builds muscles, but does it prevent chronic disease? Let’s find out…

Until recently, resistance training has usually been seen as a supplement to aerobic or cardiovascular exercise. The major benefits of resistance training include prevention of musculoskeletal diseases such as osteoporosis, sarcopenia (thin bones) and fall prevention. However, more recent studies are suggesting that resistance training, (and the 500 rep workout) decreases your risk for diabetes, heart disease and cancer.

Central obesity, or the fat in the abdominal area, is the key component that the 500 rep workout targets. This type of fat sits around important organs in your abdominal cavity and can lead to chronic disease. Specifically, central obesity is linked to coronary heart disease, diabetes, and colorectal cancer.  the 500 rep workout allows your body to burn calories both during exercise and at rest. After a 500 rep workout, your muscles require more energy to grow, and you gain overall muscles mass which causes an elevation of your BMR (basal metabolic rate.) The higher your BMR, the more calories or fat you will burn throughout the day. Thus, you are contributing to your daily caloric expenditure by increasing your muscle mass. In fact, for each 1lb. gain of muscle, you burn an extra 100 calories/day!

The 500 rep workout is one of the most efficient and effective workout designs you will come across in your journey to physical health.

Other Positive Effects of The 500 Rep Workout:
– Decreased heart rate, and systolic blood pressure.
– Increase in HDL cholesterol.
– Improves glucose metabolism and insulin resistance.
– Accelerates bowel transit time, thus reducing the risk of colon cancer.
– Improvement in lower back pain.
– Decreased stress, and recommended therapy for depression.

Points of Convenience:

– Little equipment needed with an Exercise Menu 500 Rep Workout
– Free online exercise demonstration videos
– Pick 5 workouts and do 100 reps of each, or pick 10 and do 50 reps of each
– Go at your own pace and watch your progress
– Many available options from ExerciseMenu.com!

If you have been searching for a cure-all pill, that is free of cost and side effects, look no further.

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