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  • If you get your heart rate up for a few minutes each day, that is WAAAYYYY better than not raising your heart rate at all.
Learn how to perform Suicide Sprints.

Hopefully you are getting the gist that I am not a big fan of spending more time than is necessary to get in a good workout routine. Today, of course, will not be any different.

I am passionate about a few basic principles when it comes to proper exercise, and HIIT (high-intensity interval training) is probably the most important. Basically, the HIIT training theory suggests that it is better to exercise hard for a few minutes than to exercise leisurely for a longer period of time. Let’s look more into this…

About HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training)

To begin, I recommend reading this quick article that explains the basics behind HIIT. 

To summarize, your about adapts more efficiently and with greater gains in endurance, tone and strength when you exercise a as hard as you can for short bursts at at time. When you think about it, it makes sense. The entire purpose of exercise is to put a certain amount of stress on your body so it can adapt to the stress and become better. So, if you put more stress on it, you will have a better response, at least according to HIIT. And it turns out that research is continually proving the truth behind this correlation.

If you are not used to exercising this way, it may be difficult to make that transition, but in the end, you will be happier with the results and the amount of time you are saving with more efficient workout routines.

How to Perform Suicide Sprints

Suicide sprints are called such because, well, they really work you out if done correctly. This cardiovascular workout is simple, time efficient and effective in improving your cardiovascular profile, based on HIIT as mentioned above. Furthermore, absolutely anyone can perform Suicide Sprints, whether you are a seasoned athlete or a first-timer. Tired of running aimlessly, try this challenging workout.

Perform as many sets of suicide sprints that you can in a 20 minute time period. Only allow a 1-2 minute break between sets. 

Step 1

Decide where you are going to perform your sprints. You need a space you can run that is about 100 to 120 feet long, which is about the length of a basketball court. The length does not need to be exact, but a close estimate.

Step 2

Divide your running space into four equal distances. For example, place a marker at the starting line, 25 feet, then 50 feet, 75 feet then 100 feet. You can use whatever you have available as a marker. If you are fancy, use a cone. I’ll admit, I have used a jacket, Gatorade bottle, hat and keys.

Step 3

Start at the starting line, or point zero. Run as fast as you can to the 25 foot marker, then return back to the starting line. Now run as fast as you can to the 50 foot marker, then return to the starting line. Run to the 75 foot marker, then return. Now run the full-length then return.

Step 4

Rest until you can comfortably breathe, but do not let your heart rate quite return to normal. Repeat for your desired number of repetitions. I recommend starting with three, then working your way up as you get in better shape.

This workout will improve both your sprint speed and your long distance endurance. In fact, not doing this workout is suicide…

Make it more challenging and time yourself, or race a partner.

Suicide Sprint Video Demonstration


I know you enjoyed this simple, but challenging workout! You can’t have a much better exercise design than this one for keeping your body in excellent cardiovascular shape! Even better, you can perform it anywhere right outside of your house! This workout routine is surely in my “All-Time Best” workout archives.