I hate diets… Yes, I said it.

The issue that I have with a diet is that you are restricted, it takes tons of effort, they are no fun and you typically bounce back into old habits and weight gain once your diet is finished. In addition, popular diets typically require some sort of financial investment, whether it be a membership to a site or a book purchase. Sure, you may get quick result, but they rarely last.

In studying the most common issues that cause weight gain, I strongly believe that large portions, consumption of high-calorie foods and a lack of fruits and vegetables are first to blame for weight gain. Therefore, gently addressing these bad habits can make a significant difference in helping us all maintain or lose weight. This is the goal of the Good Food First “Diet.”

The Good Food First “Diet”

Let me be clear. The Good Food First “Diet” is not a diet.  Instead, it’s a series of long-term habit changes that can help you lose weight properly. In fact, just two (and a half) major changes in your eating habits can address the three weaknesses in most diets mentioned above…

No huge plan to memorize, nothing to buy, just two main habits to create.


Every time that you consume a meal (not necessarily a snack), you should eat a half a plate (or one serving) of a fruit or vegetable before you indulge in the rest of your meal. 

Instead of going straight for the meat or rice, eat half a plate of vegetables or a salad before. At lunch, eat a serving of baby carrots or cucumbers before eating your sandwich. For breakfast, eat an entire apple before your waffles.

It’s that simple.

Just Stop Eating

The second most important part of the Good Food First “Diet” is to STOP eating the second you feel full! Please listen for the click in your body and brain and slam on the brakes, do not pass “GO”, do not collect $200. Just simply stop eating. Drop your fork and either put your food in a container to save, or throw it away.

There is no shame from walking away from a plate with food still on it. Nobody will judge you for not finishing your entire plate of food. You are probably gaining more respect and setting an excellent example for your family. Do not judge yourself. You are no less of a man or woman for not finishing your plate. In fact, it shows that you have a high level of self-discipline if you can stop eating, although that tasty dish keeps calling your name.

Why This Will Work

The Good Food First “Diet” will work because it is simple (involves 2 steps) and is based on obvious science. It is obviously good to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, which will make you feel full quicker and for a longer period of time throughout the day. It is also obvious that the less food you eat, you will gain less weight. Because eating your fruits and/or vegetables before your entree’ will make you feel full, you will eat less of the “other” food.

Finally, the Good Food First “Diet” will work because it’s not asking you to really change what you eat. Overall, your food choices should follow the Mediterranean diet recommendation, which will be great if you can incorporate this into the Good Food “Diet” also. But I am not necessarily calling you to.


  • Eat a salad or half a plate of fruits or vegetable before you touch any other food on your plate.
  • Stop eating the second that you feel full.
  • Learn more about the Mediterranean Diet, and try to address those overall eating habits.