We all have it…

That one thing that keeps us from progressing to become better, healthy people. For some, it’s staying consistent with a workout schedule. For others, it’s avoiding that late night, heavy dessert.

For me, it’s portions…

What can I say? It’s hard to control to control portions living in New Orleans. The food is sooooo good!!!

I plan hard. I really do. I repeat “I’m only going to eat the little bit that is on my plate now, and then be done.” Rarely happens. Not only do I eat more than planned, I eat until I am overstuffed. As soon as I am done, I then feel loads of regret, uncomfortable fullness and significant heartburn. This usually follows with a promise that I will never do this again. And then, a week later…

You know what happens.

In order to help myself break this weakness, I have devised a plan that I will share with you. Since it has been in action, I have been a bit more disciplined (not perfect!), but better.

Break the Weak Link

  1. Identify the worst weakness, honestly. If you don’t know where the weak link is, you obviously can’t fix it. You really have to set aside a few minutes to identify poor lifestyle habits you have, and attack the weaknest one first. We all have plenty of bad habits to go around, but it is important to knock out that worst one because the rest will be that much easier to fix. In addition, the worse habit is likely the one that does the most harm. So don’t get overwhelmed or stressed with all of the things that you want to change. Just focus on the one that is the weakest and doing you the most harm. For now, just fix that.
  2. Weigh the benefits. Write a list of benefits, or type up a list in your iPhone, that you can turn to in your time of weakness. When I finish my first plate of food and want more, I take the time to review the list of benefits of not overeating. Once you hold yourself accountable, you are strengthening that weak chain. Often, this is enough to get me to avoid stacking up another plate.
  3. Redirect your focus. Times of weakness present perfect times for meditation. We often fall into habits based on physical weaknesses or desires. We are too tired, want something sweet, don’t feel like doing something, or are too comfortable. In these moments, we need to redirect our focus spiritually. Simply, close your eyes and focus on your breath for only 20-30 seconds. “Call out” or recognize the weaknesses that you have and realize that your spirit is stronger than your physical body and wants you to be better. Think of if as the parent that tells you to do something because they know what is best for you. Make the choice with good conscience, get up and follow through with your change.
  4. Use a simple tool to help you build strengthen your weak chain. There is this great app called Lift that has been extremely helpful. Each time you say “no” or commit to a new behavior, you check if off in the app. The need to keep the streak going taps into my competitive nature. Before you know it, your streak will be impressive and your weakness will be far in the past.

Stay strong, and good luck in building up your weakest link.

It truly is worth it.