A consistent approach is recommended when performing a workout routine to prevent injury and gain maximum benefit. These four phases of a workout routine will ensure that you improve strength and endurance while preventing a trip to the doctor. Follow these four phases of a workout routine every time and you will be safely successful.

The Four Phases of a Workout Routine

  1. Warm Up. According to the National Strength and Conditioning Association, the first phase of every workout routine should include a few minutes of warming up. A generalized warm up routine increases your core body temperature, lubricates your joints and increases the blood flow to the muscle that you are about to exercise. In addition, a warm up primes your brain and nervous system for exercise. Jogging in place, jumping jacks, riding a bike or jumping rope are excellent warm up exercises that should be performed for 2-3 minutes before your workout routine.
  2. Start with whole-body exercises. In most cases, the first exercises that you perform should include “power exercises.” Power exercises are exercises such as the Wood Chop, which involve you moving weight with many muscle as fast as you safely can. These are best performed earlier because your energy is high. Other options include the Squat Shoulder Press, or Upright Row Squat.
  3. Use compound movements. Now perform exercises that include movements of many similar joints at one time, called compound movements. For example, the Push Up is an exercise that worke many muscles in your upper body. The Lunge is an example of an exercise that works many muscles in your lower body. Compound movement exercises teach your muscles to optimally work together to perform the exercise. If you are planning an upper body workout for the day, focus on compound upper body exercises. If focusing on the lower body, plan compound lower body exercises. Two to three should be enough to include in your workout.
  4. Isolate. Finally, isolate certain muscle groups that you want to improve. If you want bigger arms, isolate your biceps muscles with the Biceps Curl or triceps muscles with the Triceps Dips. Perform isolated exercises on the muscles that you really want to get bigger and stronger.

Etch into your mind these four phases of a proper workout routine to get the results you want.

Keep it simple, be consistent.