Fitness Tip

Need a method to make a solid commitment, while saving money and making money at the same time? Sign a workout contract and try paying yourself for working out! Sound silly? You will be surprised that this method may just work for you.

During my time as a personal trainer, I noticed that many of my clients would meet me to work out on days they normally would not have come. I could flatter myself and say they just did not want to miss spending an hour with such a great trainer, but the truth is that the session fee is forfeited whenever a client is a “no show.” This same principle of signing a workout contract can be applied to motivate you on those rough days when working out isn’t appealing.

Follow these steps to develop and sign a workout contract. See if a workout contract works to help you stick with your commitment:

  1. Decide how much of your budget is used for unnecessary purchases (shopping, entertainment, etc). Take all or a portion of this and set it aside as the money that you cannot spend unless you workout. For example, if you have $100 to spend on shopping, set aside this full portion to only spend after you complete your workouts. I highly recommend giving this money to someone you trust, like a spouse or best friend, to prevent you from giving yourself “an advance.” Keep this in mind when you sign your workout contract.
  2. Choose your payment plan. Set aside your workout money after each paycheck, and pay yourself after each workout session or week of exercise. For example, if you set aside $100, then pay yourself $20 after each successful workout or $100 dollars at the end of the week. This way, you can see your workout contract as a reward system!
  3. Donate your unearned funds. At the end of each week or month, you should donate your unearned funds to your church, charity or cause of your choice, so that at least some good comes from you missing your workouts! 😉 Do not roll over unspent funds to the next payment period.

While a workout contract may seem extreme, this different method may work for you! Print (use the print button at the end of the post) this simple contract and have you and your trusted spouse or friend sign your workout payment plan.

 Workout Contract

I __________________ will set aside $_____ each week/month into my workout fund. I can withdraw $_____ for each workout session/week that I fully complete. Each workout session must include at least 20 minutes of exercise. At the end of each week/month, I will donate all unearned funds to _________________. I will not roll over unspent funds.









Be true to yourself, and the benefits will come!