I’m happy to be able to offer my first fitness eBook, The Exercise Blueprint: Building the Foundation of Fitness — it’s a series of my best fitness articles on making your workouts simpler, efficient and more effective in building muscle and improving cardiovascular endurance.

I wrote this fitness ebook because knowing simple, basic workout techniques will dramatically increase your results, whether you are new to exercise or have been working out for years.

What will you learn from this fitness eBook? Basically the same principles that are fundamentally taught throughout the articles and videos on ExerciseMenu.com — all in one compact fitness eBook. Think of it as a handbook for a better workout — minus the gimmicks.

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I will be honest with you. Although I expanded upon, updated, revised and reformatted articles in The Exercise Blueprint to make building your fitness foundation simpler, they are available on this site for free if you search for them. If funds are tight, you can browse this site and even print out the information you are looking for.

However, there is tremendous value to investing in the fitness eBook The Exercise Blueprint:

  1. Essential Exercise Menu fitness articles in one convenient fitness eBook. Avoid having to search the site for basic principles that you are looking for to build or improve your fitness foundation, which can be time consuming. With a linkable table of contents to multiple fitness topics, you will surely save time.
  2. Make Exercise Menu portable. Even better, save the fitness eBook to your smartphone and reference certain topics during your workout, or read during your down time!
  3. Print out the fitness eBook. In addition to viewing it on an electronic device, you can print it out to read!
  4. The design is awesome! I hired Jason Clough of Creativeebookdesign.com to interpret the vibe behind my content into visual expression. The design itself will motivate you to exercise.
  5. Use it as a “nudge.” If you have a family member, friend or co-worker that needs some encouragement to workout, use this fitness eBook as a gift! It can be awkward to talk to someone about being healthy and fit — sending them this fitness eBook will not only make the conservation less awkward, but you will also help someone else get in better shape.

 The Exercise Blueprint eBook - Jacques Courseault, M.D.