So now that the year is well underway, you may feel like those New Year’s Resolutions have passed you by.  That first week of the New Year, with returning to work, school, and daily life, may feel like there’s another resolution that has come and gone.  Well we’re here to tell you there’s no perfect time like today! We’ve rounded up some of our favorite fitness gear to help motivate you and kickstart that New Year, new habit, or even new day resolution.  If you have any favorites that we left out, please comment below and let us know what they are!

Exercise Menu’s Top Fitness Gear

  1. Bose SoundLink Color Bluetooth Speaker: Whether weight lifting, HIIT workouts, boxing, or home workout DVD is your method of choice, a few of your favorite tunes can get you in the zone and provide the motivation you need to push through that next workout.  This small, but powerful, speaker connects via bluetooth to any of your enabled devices to provide a clear sound no matter your genre of choice.  Our favorite aspect of this device, is it’s portability and long-lasting battery to last you from workout, to shower, to heading out the door.
  2. Foam Roller: If you haven’t read the importance of post-workout stretching (see article here), foam rolling can provide numerous benefits to your workout routine. This foam roller is sturdy, durable, and provides the length to target both legs at once to speed up your recovery routine. It’s super lightweight; however, despite numerous uses hasn’t given in to wear and tear. The one listed above is extra firm, to provide a sturdy surface for that much needed self myofascial release after a hard workout.  This definitely tops our favorite fitness gear list.
  3. Resistance bands: Travel often, small apartment, or just limited funds blocking your fitness Resistance Bandprogress? It doesn’t have to be! With these resistance bands in your fitness gear arsenal, you can workout anywhere. These resistance bands provide 3 different resistance settings to help with all over body toning.  The bands can be used alone, or with a door, to provide an excellent toning workout, or even with rehabilitation exercises. Awesome biceps not included.
  4. Wrist WalletWe all have those days where we just happen to wear that one workout outfit that doesn’t have pockets (ladies, you know what I’m talking about!).  This awesome wrist wallet allows you to store a key, or card, without having to worry if it slipped off your tennis shoe or out of your pocket.  It also doubles as a handy sweat band to prevent perspiration from getting into your eyes so you can focus on your workout (FYI: it’s also machine washable!). Truly, a must-have fitness gear for women.
  5. Instant-PotSo I will admit, I’m obsessed with this product. It can sauté, steam rice and veggies, act as a slow cooker, and pressure cook frozen chicken in half the time your favorite TV show is playing. You know those days you get home and you’re just “hangry” (hungry + angry); reaching into everything in sight. Throw some frozen chicken in here, add a water based solution of your choice and you’ll have a quick, healthy meal before you find out who got the last rose. Too expensive? No worries. You can do a lot with a regular crock pot. Just make sure to have items in it the night before, and turn it on in the morning for a tasty and quick meal.
  6. YurbudsNothing quite helps me to push through those last few minutes of a workout like a good playlist, but if your headphones fall out every quarter mile it’s hard to focus on your sprints or hills workout. These earbuds stay in place like no other! They are comfortable and can stand up to the hardest workout with a cool twist-and-lock feature that keeps them in place long after your sweat session is over. There’s even a pair that works via blue tooth to prevent that cord from getting in the way of your weight lifting routine. Easily a top 10 fitness gear for this year.
  7. Adjustable Ankle Weights: These handy weights allow you to adjust the amount of weight placed into them via little “pockets” (up to 2.5 lbs or 5 lbs. here). They can be adjusted in increments for progressing muscle specific exercises. It’s the perfect fitness gear that progresses, as you do, through every step of your workout!
  8. Fitbit: This band, and it’s associated app, allow you to keep track of steps taken, stairs walked, sleep patterns, and even allows for nutrition tracking. This version, also allows for keeping track of heart rate, for those who are looking for specificity in their training to ensure you’re training to the max. You can challenge friends, set goals, and ensure you’re progressing towards your New Year’s resolutions in an easy to read and objective format.
  9. black man drinking water2Protein Powder: I’ve tried several protein powders, and I have to say, this is probably my favorite. It doesn’t taste chalky, or processed, and provides 22g per serving. It can be easily mixed with your favorite fruit and liquid to create an easy on the go snack while maintaining those healthy nutrition goals.
  10. WatchMy go-to watch for work and training for the past 3 years (and it’s still ticking!). This watch provides a timer, a 10-lap memory, alarms, indiglo backlight,  100 hour chronograph, and is water resistant up to 100 meters.  Perfect for your training no matter if it’s on land or in the water.
  11. Amazon Fire TV StickIf you’re a Youtube workout warrior, or just like to have a bigger screen to view our Exercise Menu workouts on, this is nothing short of awesome. Through an attachment to your tv,it allows you to connect your TV, via Wi-Fi, to your phone/tablet/computer and watch or listen to whatever workout you choose. It’s super simple to connect and takes about 5 minutes to set up.

We’d love to hear any suggestions about other fitness gear that have aided you in the New Year. If you’ve tried any of the above out, let us know what you think! is an affiliate and does receive a portion of purchase proceeds to help support the site.