Health and fitness are two important concerns for any human being. Scientific studies have revealed that excess body fat can lead to many health problems like diabetes, hypertension, stress, and so on. All of which only prove that it is essential to follow a healthy diet and lifestyle that can help you keep your weight under control.Regular exercise, a balanced lifestyle and a proper diet are perhaps the three most important pillars of a healthy body. If one were to look at the diet component – there is absolutely no doubt that a balanced and nutritious meal scheme will be helpful in burning fat. It is not just about counting calories, it is also about choosing the right kinds of foods. Some of the best known fat burning foods and drinks rev up metabolism, and therefore are useful staple in one’s diet plan.

Whole Grain Products

Bread, buns and other products made from whole grain are healthier than those made of refined flour. The fiber and nutritional content of whole grain products make them healthier and better in terms of fat burning. You can make sandwiches and burgers with whole grain bread, and choose healthy fillings like lettuce and soy that help in shedding fat! Whole grain cereals are also considered effective fat burning foods.

Meat and eggs

Not all the meats are equal. For the best fat burning meats, choose salmon, lean chicken and lean pork. The protein content in these meats help burn fat. Essentially, fat burning takes place because your body burns calories during the digestive process. Eggs are also a great way to start the day as they are also rich in proteins and minerals.

Green Tea

This wonderful brew is a great drink to include on a daily basis in your diet. It’s rich in antioxidants, and also includes something called EGCG or epigallocatechin gallate which results in enhanced metabolism. It is always good to make the green tea fresh, and drink it while it is hot.

Citrus fruit

Eating oranges and other citrus fruits ensure that your body gets adequate amounts of vitamin C which results in the production of more carnitine.  This will result in the oxidation of body fat. It is also recommended to eat oranges as fruit rather than taking them in the form of juice or capsules.


Again, not all vegetables can help you burn fat. Vegetables like potatoes and yam are high in calories. For better fat burning, it is good to choose vegetables that are high in fiber. Spinach, cabbage, broccoli and artichoke are all excellent in terms of their ability to burn fat.


This may seem like a very simple inclusion to your diet,but most people do not drink enough water. Make sure to drink a minimum of 10 glasses of water a day. You can increase this amount depending on the climate of the place you stay in, and the number of hours you work. Water helps to keep the body hydrated, and therefore helps in increasing metabolism.


Lentils are rich in minerals, nutrients and amino acids – all of which help in burning fat. You can have them in the form of burger fillings and as soups too.

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