You have been up since 5am, went non-stop at work, ate a little junk food today, got the kids settled and now have to choose between a night cap or a bout of exercise. Naturally, you are now leaning towards a drink and a movie Looks like you need a touch of exercise motivation…

Hmmmmm… Before you make this choice, let me put in a voice for choosing the bout of exercise.

First, you should be proud of the fact that you are aware that there are two choices. At some point you came across a friend, family member, physician or blog that noted the tremendous benefits of exercise from stress reduction to an increased lifespan. With that being said, I still have to convince you to put both feet on the floor, straighten your legs and manipulate your body in ways to increase your heart rate for a few minutes.

The best I can offer, short of sending a drill sergeant to your house, is to give you five tools that I use to get myself going when I just ain’t feelin’ it.

5 Tips for Exercise Motivation

  1. Stand up and jog in place for 30 seconds. Your heart rate will increase, which is the first sign that hormones are being sent through your body that put you in exercise mode. Of these hormones, the good ones that lower blood pressure, prevent diabetes, and reduce stress are also released. It’s like taking a “shot of health.” Once your 30 seconds are up, you will most likely be inclined to workout.
  2. Change into workout clothes. When you put on shoes, don’t you feel like you should be going outside? The same mental connection is made when you change into your workout clothes. Try simply making the choice to put on clothes that make you want to workout instead of a Snuggie. Working out now will make you enjoy those pajamas much more later.
  3. Put on good workout music. Turn up fast paced music in your house or on your mp3 player to boost your exercise motivation. Play the song that you would have playing in the background if you were getting ready to jump into a boxing ring and win the championship match. Now, jump into your workout!
  4. Drink a glass of water. Sometimes we are fatigued and exercise motivation dwindles because we are simply too dehydrated to function outside of being idle. Try drinking a glass of water that will increase the blood flow to your brain, muscles and sweat glands. It’s like dipping a dry sponge into a bucket of water. It’s no good until it’s hydrated- similar to your body.
  5. Choose a workout and just do one exercise. A tip that will most likely increase your exercise motivation! More times than not, you will want to continue the workout after you just get through the first exercise. Yes, getting to that point can seem like a terrible punishment… I know. But when you break each workout into one exercise at a time, it becomes much more attainable. Hey, even if you stop after that first exercise, you can always say you tried.

What do you do to boost your exercise motivation? Share your thoughts and experiences below or on Facebook!