Being fit can be a regular part of your life if a few simple daily habits are always brewing in your conscience!

There are a couple of easy, straightforward themes that I frequently stress when writing for Exercise Menu or designing workouts. When it comes to fitness and being healthy, the key is simplicity.

Take the Exercise Menu Fit Quiz to determine if you have developed a few basic lifestyle habits that will keep you healthy and well!

Exercise Menu Fit Quiz!

On average, in the past month:

  1. Did you perform a high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout routine at least twice per week?
  2. Did you perform any of your exercises slow using eccentric training methods?
  3. Did you lift weights at least twice per week?
  4. Did you eat as soon as possible after your workout routine?
  5. Did you perform some type of exercise on most days?
  6. Did you meditate for at least a few minutes each day?
  7. Did you drink mostly water, tea and coffee?
  8. Did you eat a breakfast every day?
  9. Did you make it a point to eat fruits and vegetables every day?
  10. Were you mindful of your food portions?

How did you add up? Count the number of questions that you answered “yes” to.

10 – Excellent Fitness

9 – One more change to perfection. But still great!

7/8 – Good fitness, but focus on a few more changes to be excellent!

5/6 – You are doing the right things, but with a bit more effort you can push past your plateau!

3/4 – Time to put more effort into yourself! Identify habits that you want to create and target one at a time.

1/2 – It’s great that you are doing something for yourself, but now is the time to develop more good habits to ensure your fitness

0 – Time for you to change! Don’t be overwhelmed though. Just target 1-2 habits at a time. Perfect them, and add on an additional habit every few weeks. Please get help from a family member, friend, trainer or doctor if you need direction or an additional boost.