Master Exercise Consistency

You have been hot lately! For some time, your exercise consistency has been so top notch that you were sure that in about a year or so, your local public broadcasting station would send you an invite to be a background exerciser on their next fitness show! You lost weight, you look good and feel excellent. Exercise consistency- a problem of the past.

But… (There always is a “but” in exercise…)

You missed a day because some unforeseeable event took priority over your exercise time. The workout at 11:30pm just wasn’t going to happen. The next day, your boss asks you to stay late, but promises an early release tomorrow. Two days have passed without getting in a good workout.  Day three comes and the idea of exercising isn’t as attractive as it once was. A case of “distance not making the heart grow fonder.” Failure begins to whisper discouragement in the back of your head. Your exercise consistency is fading.

Have you been there?

Some of us all too often, and the effects are significant.

The body can be so particular sometimes that it can get aggravating. You work so hard to stay in shape, miss a few days, and fitness benefits can be quickly loss. Optimally, you should never workout the same muscle groups on two consecutive days. As far as running, you should try to cross-train, or alternate different cardio workouts to avoid injury. For example, alternate biking and running to maximize your cardiovascular benefits and avoid injury. However, if you only like one type of cardio, you must vary intensities. Not too many people can run 6 miles a day and asphalt without eventually getting injured.

As far as missing workouts is concerned- one day of rest is best, but 2-3 days the body starts to regress. Therefore, you must do what you can to avoid hitting that three day away mark (three strikes you are out!). The old saying “use it or lose it,” couldn’t be closer to the truth.

Dig deep to get back into the mix, for each day away only makes it harder to return. Hold on to your exercise consistency and it will continue to reward you!

How do you get back into good exercise after missing sessions? Share your thoughts below!


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