“I’m pretty good with exercise.”

This statement should be your worst response when a co-worker, family member or friend inquires about your exercise habits.

We all feel tons of pressure to exercise per a certain schedule and to stick tight to the commitment that we made to improve our habits. Yes. Absolutely, it is important to set a schedule, meet your goals and to walk 10,000 steps daily and to perform 1500 reps per week, but the problem with a lot of us (myself included) is that an occasional missed day, or a few less steps or reps per week can cause us to quit. It’s like treading water. It is tough to stay afloat, and sometimes you just get too tired to keep your head above water. In this sense, it’s okay to lay on your back and float for a few minutes, then get back to treading. None of us would just sink and call it quits. But that is what we do with exercise, and it’s unfortunate.

Redefine “exercise consistency” for yourself. Think of exercise as you think of learning a new hobby. You are learning your new hobby, playing an instrument for instance, because you love music, it will improve coordination and you can show off for visiting friends. Practicing is fun… Most of the time. Some days you push yourself to learn a new scale or rhythm, but other days you just completely aren’t feeling it. But, you still pick up where you left off your next practice session. You don’t throw away months to years of commitment.

Every step and every rep count. The more the better. It’s not all or none.

I encourage you all to be reasonable. Reasonably push yourself when you need to, and step back when you are exhausted. Don’t make exercise a chore, make it a hobby, and you will be successful.