As a physician who uses electronic medical records on a daily basis, I grown to learn that the ease of use, reliability and availability of electronic medical records software is of utmost importance to take the best care of patients.

I was asked to review Optimus EMR, which was founded in 200o, to specifically address the needs I previously stated.

At first glance, the site looks professional, is easy to navigate and the available products are intriguing. Positive testimonials from nurses and physicians across the country are immediately noted.

The products Optimus EMR offers is extensive, including electronic charts, point of care documentation, pharmacy and lab interfaces, a physicians order module and rehab module, plus additional products. Clearly, Optimus EMR is interested in developing medical records software designed to meet the needs of the medical staff.

While the cost of the software is not stated upfront, the “Benefits” page provides many convincing articles that adopting an electronic medical records program can increase your reimbursement and save you money over the long-term.

Finally, it seems easy to contact Optimus EMR, although I did not test their customer service personally. The company can make a better point to stress the importance of customer service, especially if you are going to make a sizeable investment in one of their products.

Overall, Optimus EMR appears to be a legitimate company that offers reliable electronic health records back by multiple testimonials and case studies. The company offers a great service that allows you to schedule a demo to see if the software is a good fit for your clinic.

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