Enough with the complicated workout routines that take more time to figure out than to do! You deserve to know how you can perform the easiest workout routine ever! No complicated moves, and virtually every muscle in your body will be exercised.

Enough said…

The Easiest Workout Routine Ever!

Instructions: Perform each exercise three time (3 sets). Do as many movements (repetitions) that you can in each set. Take a 1-2 minute break between sets.

Wood Chop

A good warm up exercise for your total body.

Push Ups

One of the best and easiest exercises that you can ever perform to improve upper body strength.

Back and Forth Lunges

A classic and easy exercise to strengthen your lower body muscles.

Sit Up Boxer

Can’t forget the abs! Perform one of the easiest (and fun) ab workouts ever!

Curl and Delts

Finish strong with an exercise that targets your biceps and shoulders!


Now wasn’t that the easiest workout routine ever!