A core and abs pyramid workout routine is one of the most effective ways to strengthen your mid-section. I you think about it logically, your core and ab muscles are the best endurance muscles that you have! From the time you awake to the time you go to bed, you are using your core muscles to hold up your upper body and protect your back. If your core is weak, then your back will have to pick up the slack, which ultimately leads to wear and tear of your spinal column and its supporting structures. If you want to save your back and stay away from your doctor, I highly recommend regular incorporating core exercises into your regular workout routine.

I particularly like doing a core and abs pyramid style workout routine for the core, because it is an endurance workout that will surely work those muscles to fatigue, which will better prepare them for everyday use. Plus, the Core and Abs Pyramid Workout Routine is quick and fun to do.

Core and Abs Pyramid Workout Routine

Check out this video to learn how to properly perform a pyramid workout:

How To – Pyramid Workout Routine


Basically, you will perform 10 of one exercise, and then move onto the next. Then, you will do 9 of each... 8 of each, etc.... Once you finish 1 of each, finish your last set of 11 of each.

Take as few breaks as possible and get through this workout routine as fast as you can. Try to time yourself, so that you can beat your time next round.

Here are the exercises you will need to perform in this Pyramid Workout Routine:

Take it slow and feel the burn!

Perfect to work your lower abs.

Rotational ab movements are important to include for better support!

Finish each set strong with this one…