It took almost nine years of studying and learning exercise to find the key to developing an effective and sustainable exercise program for both myself and my clients. I have come to the conclusion that circuit training workout routines provide the best health benefits for your lifestyle when compared to other workout routines.

I am convinced that I have found the solution…

Exercise is aggravating because it is another commitment we have to make, and another thing we have to do each day.  When I get home from a long day of work I “have to” exercise. Blah… Add it to the list, right?!

However, as you know, exercise is clearly beneficial when performed on a regular basis, and worth the extra commitment. Chronic disease, including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, arthritis and cancer are issues I would personally like to avoid at all costs. A few minutes each day to help prevent these conditions is worth it for me.

In looking into the major barriers to regular exercise, researchers in the the journal Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise have identified two common barriers to regular exercise; 1) time restraints, and 2) workouts to difficult to adhere to over the long-term. Cost and availability of gyms and personal trainers are also barriers some may experience.

With circuit training workout routines, I have made it my absolute mission to develop and promote workout routines that tailor to the needs of each individual. This, honestly, has been challenging because many people have different needs and preferences. Needs and preferences can also change on a daily basis depending on work schedules, family events, the weather, etc. When developing this site, I put all my chips into the 500 Rep Workout, because it is easy to design, there are measurable endpoints and clear results. While I am still a huge proponent of the 250 Rep and 500 Rep Workout routine, it may not be best for those who are beginning an exercise program. Additionally, it takes a significant amount of time to complete a 500 Rep Workout, which will definitely make this design difficult to include in an exercise lifestyle. At this point, the 500 Rep Workout is best to include once or twice a week to really push you past common exercise plateaus. Those who are working out on an advanced level will also benefit.

As a personal trainer, I taught circuit training groups exercise classes on a regular basis. I learned from this experience that beginners can easily assimilate into the class, while those more seasoned in exercise are still challenged with the universal circuit workout routine. The two barriers to exercise, including time and an appropriate design, are addressed. With the circuit workout routine, you perform as many repetitions of a given exercise over a determined amount of time. If you can only do 10 reps in 90 seconds, no problem. If you can do 100, great. Further, if you want to use heavier weights and do fewer reps to build muscle, excellent. Want to use a lighter weight because you are new to exercise or want to build endurance, then do it! You can also frequently change up the amount of weight and interval timing to add variation to your workouts. Do a particular workout routine one day with heavy weights and low reps, then switch to lighter weights and high reps the next workout. Not only will this help your muscles continue to adapt, you will be less bored with your workouts.

Circuit training workout routines also have a time limit, so I know I won’t look at the clock and be surprised that my evening has been lost exercising. Many of the workout routines on are limited to 20 or 30 minutes, but the time limit can clearly be extended. I have varied exercise intervals (the amount of time performing one particular exercise) from 30 seconds to as much as 3 minutes! A total workout routine can be as little as 10 minutes to 60 minutes. Again, more variation is better for muscle health and can prevent boredom. I personally love the fact that I can choose a workout routine tailored to the amount of time I can dedicate to exercise for a particular day. With circuit workout routines, you can further choose the area you want to target most, whether it be upper body, lower body or your entire figure.

From a medical standpoint, circuit workouts are beneficial for both your muscular and cardiovascular system. Because you are continually moving, circuit workout routines provide similar cardiovascular benefit that you would attain with walking, running or with other types of aerobic activity. While I suggest you still incorporate aerobic exercise into your weekly workout schedule, you don’t have to feel as guilty missing if you are regularly performing circuit workout routines. However, because aerobic exercise boosts your weight loss potential it should be incorporated if this is a priority.

In my extensive experience and training, I have not identified a better well-rounded workout than circuit style training. You will have more time, note better health benefits and enjoy the challenge of each circuit workout routine you jump into!

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