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Build Muscle Simple Slow Pace Workout

Sometimes you just want to get straight into the workout. Perform these exercises at a slow pace, which has been scientifically shown to significantly build muscles. Complete this total body workout and notice quick increases […]

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Straight to the Point Full Body Power Workout

Every now and then, we just want to be able to pull up a workout routine and get it done! Because I don’t want to waste your time, I have put together a full body […]

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Office Workout – Twelve Minute Exercise Plan

Recent research has shown that as little as 15 minutes of exercise per […]

Slow-Paced Total Body Workout For Beginners

A slow-paced total body workout routine for beginner’s is exactly what you need to begin your new exercise habit on the right foot. When you are first beginning a workout routine or getting back into […]

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Saturday or Sunday Slow Paced Workout: Perfect for the Weekend

Tighten up this weekend. Get in at least one good low stress workout. Take your time with today’s Slow Paced Workout and avoid “weekend guilt” or “Monday’s exercise shock.” No rush… No stress… Just get […]

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Couples Workout Routine: 20-Minute Circuit Workout

Working out with a partner makes exercise much more enjoyable. Even better, a couples workout routine builds commitment, community health and sexual health! Because you are working out together, you can encourage each other as […]

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Multi-Joint Pyramid Workout Routine

No equipment is needed!

  • Do you use artificial sweeteners? If so, you may want to¬†read this…

Learn a new pyramid workout routine technique.

Let’s revisit the pyramid workout routine format that […]

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The “Before You Go Out This Weekend” Workout

Talk about a real reason to workout! You gotta look good when you go out this weekend with your friends, family, or go on that special date. In addition, this weekend workout needs to be […]

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The Body Reset Workout Routine

Every now and then, we can all use a body reset. For whatever the reason, we took a few days of “extra rest” or recently went through a stressful, busy time where we slipped up […]

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