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Bi’s and Tri’s Workout Routine to Build Arm Muscle

(Bi’s = biceps, Tri’s = triceps)

Today, we are going to change our target area and the pace, focusing on the bi’s and tri’s with a slow pace workout. A Bi’s and tri’s workout will […]

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Slow-Pace Shoulder Workout Routine

The Slow-Pace Shoulder Workout Routine is designed to help you to increase the size of the muscles in your shoulders. Remember, changing up the types of workouts you do will help your muscles grow faster […]

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Build Muscle Simple Slow Pace Workout

Sometimes you just want to get straight into the workout. Perform these exercises at a slow pace, which has been scientifically shown to significantly build muscles. Complete this total body workout and notice quick increases […]

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Straight to the Point Full Body Power Workout

Every now and then, we just want to be able to pull up a workout routine and get it done! Because I don’t want to waste your time, I have put together a full body […]

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Saturday or Sunday Slow Paced Workout: Perfect for the Weekend

Tighten up this weekend. Get in at least one good low stress workout. Take your time with today’s Slow Paced Workout and avoid “weekend guilt” or “Monday’s exercise shock.” No rush… No stress… Just get […]

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A Workout to Make You Workout!

The hardest part about exercise is just getting started! I think that most of us have the “grit” to get through a reasonable workout once we have started. The problem is simply just getting started.

Starting […]

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The Workout To Do When Sick

Working out when sick may be good, or it may be bad… It really depends not only on how sick you are, but it also depends on the intensity of the workout routine that you […]

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The Zen Workout Routine

Meditate and perform and resistance training workout routine at the same time to work your spirit and physical muscles at the same time!

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Slow-Paced Back and Ab Workout

Every now and then, it is necessary to take a break from high-intensity, high-load workouts to focus on improving the strength and endurance of your core back and ab muscles. A slow-paced workout is beneficial […]

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