Workout routines for men to help you gain muscle, burn fat and get fit provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

Slow-Paced Posture Improvement Abs Workout Routine

As far as body mechanics are concerned, few things are more important than having good posture. Having good posture involves having enough awareness of your body’s posture at any point during the day. In addition, […]

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Slow-Paced Eccentric Movement Lower Body Workout Routine

If you are going to lift weights, there are only two speeds you should use, really fast, or really slow! I know this is really different from what you see in the gym or on […]

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Plateau Busting Upper Body Challenge Workout Routine

Every now and then we all need a challenge to step away from the monotony of our daily workout routine. Let’s say you have been exercising your upper body muscles for some time and have […]

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Abs and Back Pyramid Workout Routine

Your abs and back are essential to exercise to maintain core strength. Core strength is associated with a better ability to perform daily tasks. In addition, core strength can help your sports performance and improve […]

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30-Day Cholesterol Lowering Workout Plan

While having high cholesterol is concerning, consider it feedback that your cardiovascular system needs maintenance. Having high cholesterol is similar to having a clog in the fuel line in your car. The maintenance light comes […]

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Exercise Bike and Abs Workout Routine

Today, I present an Exercise Bike and Abs Workout Routine that will help you to get those abs we all desire. Bur first, when it comes to getting visible and chiseled abs you must understand […]

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The Best Time of Day to Workout: 10-20-30 Routine

  • Alternating your speeds helps you burn calories and build muscle.
  • Try eating on a saucer-sized plate instead of a large plate to help reduce your portions.

Step up your […]

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Slow-Movement Workout Routine to Build Muscle!

Learn how to perform a slow-paced […]

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How to Perform 10-20-30 Cardio Workout Routine

  • What about carbs? Are they healthy? Find out now!
  • Interval cardiovascular running will burn calories many hours after your workout.

Interval cardiovascular running will burn calories many […]

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