A Workout to Make You Workout!

The hardest part about exercise is just getting started! I think that most of us have the “grit” to get through a reasonable workout once we have started. The problem is simply just getting started.

Starting […]

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Every Muscle 500 Rep Workout Routine



  • Which is most important for weight loss? Diet or exercise? Find out now!

  Learn the 500 rep workout routine.

I hope you enjoyed the 4-minute Tabata workout routine yesterday! Talk about tough! […]

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The 500 Rep Ab Workout

Today is ab day… And we are going to hit it hard!

While this 500 rep ab workout routine will surely strengthen your abdominal muscles and burn quite a few calories, you must remember that a […]

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20-Minute Shoulder Workout Routine for Strong, Healthy Shoulders

A regular shoulder workout routine should be included in everyone’s fitness toolbox. Let me tell you why — The shoulder joint is the most mobile joint in the body…. Which, can be a good and a […]

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Crazy 5’s Tabata Workout Routine

If you are unfamiliar with the Tabata workout, I highly recommend that you read this article. Tabata workouts are really the absolute best way to workout. Tabata workout routines are clearly time-efficient (4-minutes […]

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Ab Wheel, Push Ups Pyramid Workout Routine

The Ab Wheel and Push Ups Pyramid Workout Routine. It's quick, simple and will help you tighten up your core and upper body muscles!

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The Zen Workout Routine

Meditate and perform and resistance training workout routine at the same time to work your spirit and physical muscles at the same time!

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Biceps Burner Pyramid Workout Routine

We all have goals when we approach a workout routine. While it is best to stay diverse and work different muscle groups each time you exercise, focused work is important too. Today, your focus is […]

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20-Minute Circuit Guilt Killer Workout – Get Back into Exercise!

Okay… So, you took Thursday off (because it was almost Friday), didn’t workout Friday (because it “technically” is the weekend), and Saturday and Sunday you relaxed because you are going to get in a good workout […]

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