500 Rep workout routines to help you gain muscle, burn fat and get fit provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

500 Rep Thigh Burn Workout Routine

Today is your leg day… Or you just realized that your chicken legs don’t match your beefy upper body… Ha! Either way, you have come across a thigh burn workout routine that is guaranteed to […]

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500 Rep Workout: Total Body Refresh

Sometimes you just need a fresh start. It may be because you fell off track for a bit, or just need a total body reset. The 500 Rep Workout for a total body refresh targets […]

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500 Rep Legs and Abs Workout Routine

Today’s 500 Rep Legs and Abs Workout Routine is designed to build endurance and increase strength in your legs and abs, the foundation of your body. Without strong legs and abs, you are limited in […]

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Exercises You Can Do Easily at Work: 20-Minute Workout for the Office

You have some down time in your office, want to workout, but don’t have exercise equipment and really don’t want to sweat. You are thinking about all the chores you have to do when you […]

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500 Rep Workout for Leg Endurance

A 500 rep workout routine is one of the best workouts that you can perform to improve leg endurance. While 500 reps may seem overwhelming, just think about how many steps you take during a […]

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500 Rep Baseball Strong Core Workout Routine

A strong core is important in many sports. This fact is unfortunately often overlooked. A strong core provides balance and stability to your entire body as a whole. But more importantly, any force that passes […]

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500 Rep Total Body Workout Routine

Some days you just want to really push and challenge yourself with a total body workout routine. What I like most about the 500 rep workout routine is that you can make this workout format […]

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Every Muscle 500 Rep Workout Routine



  • Which is most important for weight loss? Diet or exercise? Find out now!

  Learn the 500 rep workout routine.

I hope you enjoyed the 4-minute Tabata workout routine yesterday! Talk about tough! […]

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The 500 Rep Ab Workout

Today is ab day… And we are going to hit it hard!

While this 500 rep ab workout routine will surely strengthen your abdominal muscles and burn quite a few calories, you must remember that a […]

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