20 minute workout routine to help you gain muscle, burn fat and get fit provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

Mood Lifting Circuit Workout Routine

We all have our days every now and then. Yes. That day when you wake up in the morning and wish that miraculously time would stop and you could get a few more hours of […]

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20-Minute Amazing Abs Challenge Workout Routine

Good abs are hard to find! For the most part, we can attribute this to the overweight/obesity epidemic that is plaguing America and other countries today. According to the Centers for Disease Control, […]

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20-Minute Biceps Circuit Workout: Blast Your Biceps

If you want the nicest arms on the beach this summer, this 20-minute circuit workout routine will get heads turnings... Real fast!

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20-Minute Knee Circuit Workout Routine to Improve Knee Health

Strong quads = strong/healthy knees… Again, strong quads = strong healthy knees… If you have knee weakness, or pain of almost any type, the key to being free from knee issues may be in strengthening […]

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20-Minute Circuit Ab Workout Routine: Down to the Core

It’s time to get down to the core with a circuit ab workout routine to improve the most important muscle group in your body, your abs and back. Working your core helps prevent future back […]

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Before Vacation 20-Minute Circuit Workout Routine

Two reasons why you should get in a good workout before your vacation:

1) You want to look your best! Chances are you are going someplace warm and wearing as little as possible. Tone up your […]

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Shadow Box Workout Routine to Improve Heart Health and Arm Endurance

Cardiovascular exercise does not have to be focused on leg workouts, such as walking, jogging, running, biking, etc. You can achieve excellent cardiovascular fitness solely with upper body¬†aerobic workouts, especially with a shadow […]

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20-Minute Seasonal Spring Outdoor Workout

My favorite season of the year is finally here. Like many of you, I have been exercising indoors for the past several months and am ready to perform an outdoor workout, sweat and enjoy the […]

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Quick Start Pyramid Workout Routine

The Quick Start Pyramid Workout Routine is one of the most simple and effective workout routines that you can accomplish anywhere you want to without the need for equipment.

This pyramid workout routine is based on […]

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