Learn how to lose weight and diet with weight loss tips provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

How to Save and Spend Your Money on Healthy Food

Contrary to popular belief, spending money on healthier foods is not only better for you but cheaper! See what the evidence has to say about the importance of investing in healthier foods.

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Are There Different Types of Calories?

Learn more about a "low glycemic index diet" and how it can successfully help you lose weight without any extra physical effort!

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How to Lose Weight After Knee Surgery

The average person gains up to 14 pounds after knee surgery! Learn simple, but effective methods to lose commonly gained weight after your procedure. Tweak your diet and exercise habits to return to the body you had before surgery.

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Three Simple Rules to Lose Weight

Learn three simple, easy steps to lose weight now without making big changes in your diet or exercise lifestyle habits. No diets, pills, supplements or exercise needed!

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Faith-Based Weight Loss Health Program Materials

Starting a faith-based weight loss health program is one of the most rewarding ways of giving back to your community — but it can be a daunting task if the program is to be well-designed […]

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How to Be Content With “Trying” to Set Healthy Habits

Few things are more frustrating than trying to lose weight or be fit when the results do not come when you want them to. You have sacrificed portions of good food and scheduled 20 – […]

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How to Eat Vegetables When You Don’t Like Them

It is difficult to eat vegetables when you don’t like them! If I can be completely honest with you, eating vegetables seems like a punishment to me most of the time. If vegetables didn’t matter, 

Benefits of Swimming to Save Your Joints and Your Health!

Amanda Salzman, M.D., urologist and former world-class swimmer representing Canada explains the benefits of swimming for your mind, body and overall health!

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How to Lose 3 Pounds in 10 Days: Quick Weight Loss Plan

There is an upcoming party, visiting family member, or a reunion and you want to look a little better before your event. You have a week and a half to lose some weight and you […]

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