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Detox Your Body: What Do You Need to Change?

When it comes to detoxing your body, there often involves a significant change. New dietary recommendations have been released for 2015-2020, and they may shine light on an important dietary change that you […]

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Do Detox Diets Really Work and Are They Safe?

Starting a detox (detoxification) diet at the beginning of a New Year is just as much of a tradition as toasting to the New Year itself! Detox diets are common, but do detox diets really […]

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Shiver to Conquer Fat Burn, Research Shows!

When it comes to body fat, there¬†are two main kinds of fat in the human body, white fat and brown fat. White fat stores energy, brown fat burns it. Therefore, it it simply better to […]

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Thanksgiving Day Diet: How to Survive

Thanksgiving Day dinner is the Final Exam of your diet and weight loss program! You have now made it a habit to eat half a plate of fruits and vegetables with most meals and you […]

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High-Intensity Interval Training Affects Your Food Choices

Have you ever had a good workout and realized that you wanted nothing but healthy food to eat after? Well, believe it or not, there may be a scientific basis to this!

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Weight Loss Tips You Must Know!

Dear Exercise Menu Visitor,

I am writing this letter to you to make sure that you are aware of the most simple methods of losing weight successfully. In speaking with patients and clients, I have realized […]

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The 3 Main Pillars of Health and Fitness

In these times, the amount of health and fitness information is indeed overwhelming. ¬†While the intent of many is genuine, we must not ignore the fact that there is a tremendous amount of financial gain […]

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Intermittent Fasting: The “New” Way to Eat for Health?

Dear Exercise Menu Readers,

Throughout the years I have done my best to present research-backed information regarding weight loss, health and fitness to you. My philosophy for overall health is “intensity with simplicity,” and I hope […]

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Is there a difference between Wild-Caught and Farm-Raised Fish?

Learn how to make the best informed decision when choosing between wild-caught fish and farm-raised fish!

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