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Exercise Consistency: It Ain’t Pretty, But It Counts

“I’m pretty good with exercise.”

This statement should be your worst response when a co-worker, family member or friend inquires about your exercise habits.

We all feel tons of pressure to exercise per a certain schedule and […]

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Dr. Gourmet Iphone App Review

The much anticipated Dr. Gourmet Iphone/Ipod Touch app has been released! As always, Dr.Gourmet.com continually upgrades the site and products to meet the needs of his audience. The new Dr. Gourmet Iphone App is surely […]

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How to Lose Weight: 8 Best Resistance Exercises for Fat Loss

Cardiovascular exercise (AKA Fast Pace) is the best method for losing weight. Cardiovascular exercise causes you to burn calories at a high rate, particularly when you exercise at a high intensity. However, resistance […]

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Healthy Meals: If That Food Were A Vitamin, Would You Eat it?

When it comes to taking vitamins and medications, we want to be sure that we take the best available product on the market. We will pay good money to get the best multivitamin, blood pressure […]

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How to Lose Weight Successfully: Timothy French’s Weight Loss Statistics and Testimonial


Don’t Weight to Lose Body Compositions:

Body Comp Date Weight (lbs)
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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: How to Get Good Results!

Summer 2010 was full of events and positive feedback. My annual physical in July showed amazing improvements in my blood work. I was […]

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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: Why Exercise to Lose Weight

Portion control was working well and I lost weight. My wife allowed me to put my bicycle in our dining area, which […]

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Timothy French Weight Loss Testimonial: Portion Control

While my first session of DWTL was successful, I did not take away what I needed to get my weight under control. By […]

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Timothy French Testimonial: How to Diet and Lose Weight

My first session of DWTL in March 2009 is the first milestone of the journey. From that session, I learned that five […]

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