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How to Lose Weight
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Learn how to lose weight and diet with weight loss tips provided by Jacques Courseault, M.D.!

No Equipment Workout Routine: 20-Minute Circuit

All you need is an empty space for this no equipment workout routine…

Sometimes you need to get in a quick no equipment workout. You don’t quite have time to isolate specific muscle groups, no equipment […]

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8 “How to Lose Weight” Reminders to Post on Your Refrigerator

The easiest, most practical tips to embed in your mind to lose weight and keep it off:

1. If you don’t have junk food in your house, chances are you won’t eat it. So… Don’t buy […]

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One-Month Weight Loss Plan

It’s no secret that losing weight and keeping it off is a challenge. Hence, having a blueprint in a one month weight loss plan and workout routine will give you direction in trying to achieve […]

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Am I Exercising Hard Enough? 4 Tips to Get the Most Out of your Workout

First, congratulate yourself for asking this question. This means that you are working out regularly and are making sure that your efforts are efficient and worthwhile. I do not want to frustrate you with this […]

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500 Rep Body Weight Workout: Use Your Body Weight to Your Advantage

Excess body weight has a bad rep… You can learn how to use your body weight to your advantage when you workout with a 500 rep body weight workout routine!

In keeping with the positive spirit […]

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Exercise Consistency: It Ain’t Pretty, But It Counts

“I’m pretty good with exercise.”

This statement should be your worst response when a co-worker, family member or friend inquires about your exercise habits.

We all feel tons of pressure to exercise per a certain schedule and […]

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Dr. Gourmet Iphone App Review

The much anticipated Dr. Gourmet Iphone/Ipod Touch app has been released! As always, Dr.Gourmet.com continually upgrades the site and products to meet the needs of his audience. The new Dr. Gourmet Iphone App is surely […]

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How to Lose Weight: 8 Best Resistance Exercises for Fat Loss

Cardiovascular exercise (AKA Fast Pace) is the best method for losing weight. Cardiovascular exercise causes you to burn calories at a high rate, particularly when you exercise at a high intensity. However, resistance […]

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Healthy Meals: If That Food Were A Vitamin, Would You Eat it?

When it comes to taking vitamins and medications, we want to be sure that we take the best available product on the market. We will pay good money to get the best multivitamin, blood pressure […]

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