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Fight Hunger Pangs and Beat the Urge to Eat

Q: What are practical, realistic ways to fight hunger pangs to beat the urge to eat?

A: First of all. Congratulate yourself. Why? Because hunger pangs are the first sign that you are decreasing your caloric […]

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The Best Weight Loss Plan Involves Simple Science

You can't beat simple science when it comes to weight loss... That's all it is anyway, right! Learn the basics of how to "scientifically" lose weight and keep it off.

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Diet vs. Exercise For Weight Loss: Which is More Important?

The truth is… Many of us like to keep a full tank.

Often too full. Few have mastered the art of “calorie management.” Unlike pumping gas into your car at the gas station, pumping fuel into your […]

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Frustrations During Weight Loss; Does the Scale Lie?

It's no secret that losing weight can be frustrating. But the whole picture of weight loss may be more complicated that you know! Find out more to see if your lifestyle changes are headed in the right direction.

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Lose 2 Pounds In Seven Days: One Week Weight Loss Plan

You are ready to make the commitment to staying in shape, and because you are very intelligent, you decide to avoid starvation, fad diets, and exercise plans. Exercise Menu will coach will guide you towards […]

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Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder? Learn the Warning Signs

Binge eating disorder is one of the least recognized, but most common eating disorders that affects many Americans. Binge eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you consume too much food. In a […]

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Why Do Humans Crave High-Calorie Foods?

“I’m addicted to chocolate!”

“I NEED a Dr. Pepper right now.”

“I’m obsessed with McDonald’s French fries.”

Do these statements sound familiar? Many of us have heard these or similar remarks from friends, loved ones, or even ourselves. […]

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Easy Calorie Burning Foods

Calories In- Calories Out = Weight loss… The key to losing weight the right way is to choose low calorie foods that are […]

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