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Detox Your Mind: How to Hit the Spiritual Reset Button

Hoping your New Year's resolution will last more than a week this year? Make sure you are regularly detoxing your mind and hitting your spiritual reset button on a regular basis!

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Holiday Stress Got You Down: Turn it Around!

It’s two days until Christmas and our To-Do lists are a mile long. The ham needs to be baked, the candy bought, and don’t forget about those last minute gifts!  With all that’s going on, […]

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God on Exercise: “Go Into Strict Training!”

If you follow Exercise Menu, you know that I quite often cite research articles and quotes of well-respected fitness experts. I have even gone as far back as Plato and his take on […]

The 3 Main Pillars of Health and Fitness

In these times, the amount of health and fitness information is indeed overwhelming.  While the intent of many is genuine, we must not ignore the fact that there is a tremendous amount of financial gain […]

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7 Daily Astonishing Habits to Push You Past Your Limits

It’s amazing how “locked in” we are as humans. Our capabilities and spiritual power are endless, but we live each day significantly restrained. We are restrained by fear, time, influences, habits, other people and family […]

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Lose Weight, Sleep Better and Be Happier

Five percent of your weight is all it takes to catch better Zs and feel more “Bob Marley-ish,” according to a new study presented Tuesday at the joint meeting of the International Society of […]

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What If We Just Prayed? We Would Be Healthier People!

I will never hesitate to admit that I am a prayerful person, but the truth is that I don’t pray and show gratitude to the Creator as much as I should.

We take a lot of […]

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Meditation Affects Your Genes!

Although meditation has been in practice for millenia, research over recent years is confirming the multiple health benefits of meditation. Now researchers are showing that meditation can also affect your gene expression!