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Teach Your Kids Healthy Eating Habits with a Better School Lunch

The content of the lunch you pack for your child is just as important in showing them how much you care about them as the “I Love You” note written on their napkin. Setting your […]

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MBT and “Shape-Ups” Shoe Review: The Research Behind Them

Q: Are Sketcher’s Shape-Ups or MBT Shoes good to exercise in?

Masai barefoot technologies (MBT) is a type of shoe that claims to “solve knee and back problems, relieve tension in the neck, ease joint pains, […]

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Exercise is a Best Grade 1A Treatment for Depression

Breaking out of the shell of depression can be the most difficult mental challenge you may face in your life. Fortunately, another study is providing supporting evidence that exercise is the BEST medicine for depression! […]

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Do I Have Binge Eating Disorder? Learn the Warning Signs

Binge eating disorder is one of the least recognized, but most common eating disorders that affects many Americans. Binge eating disorder is a serious eating disorder in which you consume too much food. In a […]

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Prostate Cancer Screening Part 3: What happens next?

Welcome back for part 3 of 3 of Amanda Saltzman’s M.D. series on prostate cancer screening. So far, she has reviewed the basics of […]

Prostate Cancer Screening Part 2: The Controversy

The lifetime risk of prostate cancer diagnosis is about 16%, but the lifetime risk of dying from this disease is less than 4%.  Because of this, it has been suggested that screening all men for […]

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Prostate Cancer Screening Part 1: The Basics

The most common cancer affecting men is prostate cancer. It is estimated that 80% of men will have prostate cancer by age 80. It is often also said that more men die with prostate cancer […]

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Why Do Humans Crave High-Calorie Foods?

“I’m addicted to chocolate!”

“I NEED a Dr. Pepper right now.”

“I’m obsessed with McDonald’s French fries.”

Do these statements sound familiar? Many of us have heard these or similar remarks from friends, loved ones, or even ourselves. […]

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What is Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) and How Should I Exercise?

Over 100 different forms of “arthritis” exist. Osteoarthrits is the most common form that you are most likely aware of. It involves the breakdown of cartilage in the joint, which causes “bone on bone” rubbing. […]

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