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Does Grapefruit Affect Norvasc (Amlodipine)?

Grapefruit juice is known to interact with many different types of medications, from anti-anxiety drugs to statins. Specifically, grapefruit juice inhibits the CYP3A4 system of the cytochrome P45o liver enzymes, which metabolize many ingested foods […]

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Dr. Gourmet Iphone App Review

The much anticipated Dr. Gourmet Iphone/Ipod Touch app has been released! As always, Dr.Gourmet.com continually upgrades the site and products to meet the needs of his audience. The new Dr. Gourmet Iphone App is surely […]

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The Foundation of Fitness: Mental Health

Fitness is often only thought of as physical health. We talk about cardiovascular exercise, weightlifting, circuit training, etc, but often neglect the true foundation of fitness: mental health.

If you are finding it difficult to commit […]

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Healthy Meals: If That Food Were A Vitamin, Would You Eat it?

When it comes to taking vitamins and medications, we want to be sure that we take the best available product on the market. We will pay good money to get the best multivitamin, blood pressure […]

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List: The Effects of Exercise on the Heart and Cardiovascular System

Of course there are numerous benefits to regular exercise, not to mention the tremendous benefits regular exercise has on heart health. Check out the list I put together for your reference regarding a few of […]

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Healthy Foods: Do You Want Chemicals With That?

Simply put, fast foods are genetically modified to taste good. Because almost everything at a fast food restaurant is cooked in a plant hundreds of miles away, there is very little nutritional content left. These […]

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How to do a Power Circuit Training Workout

View this video explaining the power circuit.

The Power Circuit Workout Routine […]

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The Obesity Epidemic in New Orleans- A Call for Preventative Measures

Hurricane Katrina, which made landfall near New Orleans on August 29, 2005, slammed not only the infrastructure of the city but also the personal lives of many New Orleanians.  Before the devastation of Katrina, […]

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Does Coffee Affect Your Heartbeat, or Cause Atrial Fibrillation?

I am a huge fan of coffee.  I drink coffee twice a day, once in the morning to get the engines started, and once in the afternoon right around 2:00 or […]

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