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7 Daily Astonishing Habits to Push You Past Your Limits

It’s amazing how “locked in” we are as humans. Our capabilities and spiritual power are endless, but we live each day significantly restrained. We are restrained by fear, time, influences, habits, other people and family […]

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Vitamin D, A Must For Winter Months

Vitamin D supplementation in northern cities during cold weather months may be necessary for long-term health! See if supplementation makes sense for you.

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Is Too Much Jogging Bad For You? What Are the Recommendations?

While jogging is a widely-accepted healthy physical activity, while more jogging offer more benefit? Or is too much jogging bad for you? What are the recommendations?

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Your Guide to Preventing Long-Distance Running Injuries

Fortunately for the state of health in America, many more people are long-distance running and participating in road races than ever! In fact, road race finishers have nearly tripled from 5 million in 1990 to […]

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Grape Juice, Red Wine, Burn Fat? Not So Fast!

Research suggest the benefits of drinking red wine as part of a weight loss program, but is the evidence strong enough to make red wine consumption a recommendation for weight loss?

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A Simple Warm-Up Routine

As I get older, my brain still thinks that I just get up and perform intense physical activity without a warm-up, but my body quickly reminds me that I CANNOT!!!

Back in high school, it was […]

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Intermittent Fasting: The “New” Way to Eat for Health?

Dear Exercise Menu Readers,

Throughout the years I have done my best to present research-backed information regarding weight loss, health and fitness to you. My philosophy for overall health is “intensity with simplicity,” and I hope […]

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6 Fitness Barriers to Overcome This New Year

Yet, another year has gracefully come and gone. “A year from now” always seems like a long time, but think about how fast this year went by when looking back. My ugly Christmas sweater from […]

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Healthy New Orleans Gumbo Recipe

Jambalaya, crawfish pie, filĂ© gumbo are the opening words of a popular New Orleans song. Like its music, New Orleans is its food and its food is New Orleans. New Orleans is a […]

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