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Best Personal Trainer Certification Programs

Personal Trainer Certification

So you have decided that you want to be a personal trainer… Awesome! I can tell you that personal training is one of the best jobs available. It forces you to stay […]

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Blog Review: 4 Hour Work Week

Tim Ferris, a young 29 year-old author, is becoming a more popular blogger and writer each day after releasing a successful New York Times #1 seller the 4-Hour Work Body. His blog contains […]

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Nike Air Relentless Running Shoe Review: An Awesome Buy

Nike Air Relentless Review

I am a runner. Not a running fanatic, but I take my 20-minute Fast Pace runs seriously. I have always appreciated good comfortable running shoes, but never made too much […]

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Electronic Medical Records Review: Optimus EMR

As a physician who uses electronic medical records on a daily basis, I grown to learn that the ease of use, reliability and availability of electronic medical records software […]

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Choosing the Right Ultrasound Equipment: Machine Finder App Review

As a young physician, learning the ins and outs of starting a practice is daunting enough. In the field of physical medicine and rehabilitation, many types of diagnostic medical equipment are utilized including x-ray, CT, […]

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Review Brochure of New Orleans Fitness Centers

Post-Katrina, New Orleans is developing into one of the premiere fitness cities in America. As the city has struggled for decades with obesity, New Orleans is taking action to improve weight loss efforts in the […]

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