Ankle Brace for Basketball: Are Injuries Prevented?

Q: Should I wear an ankle brace for basketball to decrease my risk for injury?

A: Research has gone back and forth for many years as to whether or not ankle braces for basketball were beneficial […]

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Glucosamine for Tendonitis: Supplementation May Speed Tendon Recovery

Supplements in general are a waste of time and money. However, glucosamine (glucosamine chondroitin) is a supplement that has been researched in improving joint symptoms associated with osteoarthritis. The Cochrane Database cites many high quality […]

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Exercises for Disability or Paralysis: Exploring Creative Alternatives

Spending long hours sitting in a wheelchair or in a bed can not only be uncomfortable, but can also lead to weight gain, weakened muscles, joint and muscle stiffness and weakened heart and lungs. Thus, […]

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