How to Run With Radiculitis/Sciatica

Running with radiculitis can be challenging. Radiculitis occurs because a nerve originating from your neck or back is irritated as it exits your spine and runs down your arm or leg, according to Spine Centers […]

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Risks vs. Benefits of Barefoot Running: Are Barefoot Running Shoes Safe?

Barefoot running is a popular, controversial fitness craze that promises excellent benefit for foot health and running efficiency. Find out if barefoot running should be in your training program.

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How Many Minutes of Exercise Do You Need to Add Years to Your Life and Reduce Cancer Risk?

“One hour, 45 minutes, 30 minutes, 20 minutes, 30 minutes broken up into three 10 minute intervals…” Would somebody please make a recommendation and stick with it!

In defense of my fellow colleagues, it is difficult […]

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Make the 500 Rep Workout Your Training Foundation

Nothing will last unless it has a strong foundation… Let me explain to you why you should build your workout base on the 500 rep workout platform.

The main reason why we all have difficulty maintaining […]

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500 Rep Workout Routine for Beginners: An Introduction to the Foundation of Fitness

You gotta start somewhere…. Exercise Menu is the perfect place to learn how to workout and lose weight.

The 500 Rep Workout is the perfect workout for those beginning an exercise program because this is the […]

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Eating and Exercise: What to Eat and When

Some days your workout is full of energy and other days you wonder if you have enough energy to make it through the first few exercises. Well, you may want to take a closer look […]

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Workout Safely: How to Choose the Right Exercise Intensity

Knowing whether or not you are getting a good workout can be difficult sometimes. Often, we either exercise too hard to exhaustion, or do not quite work hard enough to get good benefit from our […]

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Muscle Building Movements: Eccentric vs. Concentric Muscle Contraction

Knowing the difference between an eccentric and concentric muscle contraction may be the most important fact to know when it comes to resistance training. The eccentric muscle contraction is the movement going down, or lengthening […]

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Stay Fresh and Lift Weights Without Sweating

“I would work out more, but I don’t want to sweat!”

When I first heard a client tell me this, I completely wrote it off as a pitiful excuse to avoid working out. Then, I heard […]

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